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Energy of the Day Sunday, 08-24-2008

The Nine of Cups brings matters of love and material security to the forefront. While our dreams are facilitated and expanded upon here so are our illusions, so we must take care to maintain a positive outlook and right intentions. This is the beginning of the end of a cycle and it's up to us to choose the note on which we'll go out of it.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 08-23-2008

The Ace of Cups asks us to begin anew wherever fun and contentment are lacking in our lives. We feel inspired and illuminated, and our creative juices are flowing freely. Ideas flood in regarding how to make fresh starts.

Energy of the Day Friday, 08-22-08

The Queen of Pentacles reminds us to stay in touch with those about whom we care, particularly the friend we think of when we want to share our aspirations. Service to and compassion for mankind are called for here, and we can expect a tangible return on investments or at least validation regarding our direction. Hope is today's watchword.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 08-21-08

The Two of Swords directs us to move forward, even if we're unsure what we're moving through or toward. We can afford to hold anticipation under this energy despite our reservations. Friends who support us and offer feedback make our best guides here.










The Unnecessarily Elaborate Hi Five Guy

Funny shit, with music by the inimitable Ron Long.

Notable Goods live at The Bouquet

See Jesse Grunder and Notable Goods live at The Bouquet in Boise, ID, September 5, 2008.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 08-20-08

The Three of Pentacles directs us to get our paperwork in order, organize our plans, and see to any building that needs getting done. Practical, constructive expenditures of energy are called for here. If what we create expresses us, are we pleased with what we've done?

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 08-19-08

The Magician brings a sense of wonder and the infinite. What we want, what we love, what we have, and what we will have are all in play under this energy. Speak (truth).

Many Thanks

Moments of Awareness with Peace & the Dudes is deeply honored to have hosted Four Hillbillies & a Bottle last night, with audio like we've never had before (meaning, awesome!) by the incomparable DJ Psyko .

Energy of the Day Monday, 08-18-2008

The Queen of Pentacles encourages us to seek out the friend we know is always there, the one who supports us in any endeavor and always sees possibility in our vision. Today we find validation for ourselves and compassion for others. If there's a profit to be made the way to it is illuminated here.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 08-17-2008

The Six of Wands asks us to relax as anxiety tries to find us. Things may not always come together the way we hope, they may fall apart around us all unexpected, or we may find our circumstance intolerable, but whatever our hardship if we remember that what is is what must be we give adversity the chance to become opportunity. Vigilance is warranted where we can carry it without tension.