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Weekly Horoscope, June 4-10, 2006

Please be sure to check the reading date, as postings will be made early much of the time. Current readings will always be posted at MOA . [updated link (February 1, 2014):  MOA Eot* ] Uh-oh. The week comes in with a Sunday full of irritating energies. Virgo’s Moon is asking a lot of us, mostly that we make a genuine and concerted effort to remain positive in the face of what may feel like overwhelming negativity. When we’re not feeling fractious today, we’re feeling blocked. Earth, water, and fire are coming together in all the wrong ways, and what little air is working it’s way into the mix is buried under the other energies of the day. In other words, it will take Herculean effort to allow our thoughts to buoy our spirits. Despite all this, it’s one of the hallmarks of humanity that we’re able to overcome seemingly incredible odds, so take heart and hang in there. The Moon goes void of course after 5:30 PM MDT upon completion of her square with retrograde Pluto in Sagittarius