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Moments of Awareness - Associated Content from Yahoo!

  Moments of Awareness   Verna Hendrickson , Yahoo! Contributor Network Apr 1, 2010 "Contribute content like this. Start Here ." More: cam newton Obama john boehner macbook Brett Favre Draperies cast a shadow on the sunlit room. Peace along the way helps the holy spirit talk casting out fear and imploding correct order. Sweet suppleness of a womans' breast while moths gravitate toward light as so does the ending soul meet it's last awakening moment. Small ants tarry long and searching for food to carry someplace we often don't know where. Elephants sway trunk extended for water to drink and bathe or guide the young. Perched birds elaborate on a song started a millennium ago. Isn't this a great life?!     Share on Facebook   Share on Twitter   Print   Flag   5 I like this   1 Comments Published by Verna Hendrickson I write for therapy and fun. I was bor

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Idaho Lottery: Someone became a millionaire in Nampa Wednesday night | Nampa, Caldwell | Idaho Statesman

The winner of the Idaho Lottery’s $1 million raffle ticket bought their ticket in Nampa —  but had not yet come forward to claim their prize by Thursday morning. Idaho Lottery officials picked the winners for the $1 million raffle Wednesday night. The number on the winning $1 million ticket is 205429. Four tickets worth $25,000 each in the raffle were also picked Wednesday night. Those tickets were sold in Nampa, Boise, Twin Falls, and Idaho Falls. The winning numbers are: 155823, 001313, 150153, and 241957, according to Idaho Lottery reports. “We strongly encourage everyone who played the Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle to check their tickets carefully for winners,”Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director, said Thursday morning. “We also remind all our players to sign the back of their raffle ticket. Players have 180 days to claim prizes in the game. The $1,000,000 prize and the four $25,000 prizes must be claimed at Idaho Lottery Headquarters in Boise. Idaho Lottery offic

Stormy Weather

A night and a day without power followed by another night and a morning without phone or Internet; typical winter day in the Creek. :D We were fortunate to have our power back last night - a tree went down on the line next door so everyone above us had another night out - and we were even more fortunate to have offers of a place to sleep or a bit of extra wood should our power not have come back on (which would've meant a night without heat since we burned the last bits of wood we could scrounge the night before from what we already had cut. Dude's schedule this summer and fall didn't allow for putting much up and a student's income doesn't buy a lot :D). Spent yesterday clearin' out another couple feet of snow (maybe this'll be the last really wet weather system for the winter :D; we shall see) and today gettin' the wood situation taken care of, made easier by the fact that a tree up our hill fell yesterday so it wasn't buried, made a bit more diffi


This is cool. Again, thanks Don! :) Monstropedia : "... the ultimate universal encyclopedia of monsters in myth, legends, magic and art." Posted via email from Peace Jaway

Ancient Irish Tomb Big Draw at Winter Solstice

Thanks, Don! I'm a little late posting this for this year, but if I were gonna go I'd wanna go in 2012 anyway. :) Check out this website I found at   Posted via email from Peace Jaway

June 26, 2010

Little Dude, Mother Earth Sleeping, & Basalt in the 'Burbs See the full gallery on posterous Posted via email from Peace Jaway

June 24, 2010

Baby Bird, Thimbleberry Bush in Blossom, Foothills, & a Wee Bit of Rainbow See the full gallery on posterous Posted via email from Peace Jaway

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Moments of Awareness

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Current Season at Knock Em Dead

Don't miss Patti O'Hara playing the role of M'Lynn at Knock 'Em Dead Dinner Theater in: "Steel Magnolias "Jan. 21 - Feb. 19, 2011 "Set in a small-town beauty parlor in Louisiana, Steel Magnolias follows the lives of several women who often meet there. Through these women we see love, apathy, pain, loss, secrecy and a desperate attempt to live a life of happiness. Their strengths will be sorely tried, their wit stretched thin and their hearts broken. Come share the lives of six Southern women who were raised to be delicate flowers, but when needed, can handle any- thing with nerves of steel, grace, and of course well-kept, beautiful hair." Patti's a lovely woman whose real-life presence is well-suited to playing the character of a down-home yet genteel Southern lady. Get your tickets early! :) via Posted via email from Peace Jaway

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