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Random Thoughts from October 3, 2000

Today we had an exciting realisation about a good and feasible way to deliver DpOeNaAcLeD's stories to ya. It's gonna Be cool, but Saint Don has a lot of work to do before we can bring [it to] you. So I've Been working on my part of that, and October, Fish, April and all the rest (the continuing stoooories of The Three, their minions, and those whose lives they affect) are going to take a bit longer as I need Don for those and he's pretty busy these days. I'll do what I can, though, and we'll start with [Lightning], which I'm sure you'll enjoy. (Well, some of you might not, but you probably don't like this WWWebsite much at all anyway, so you probably won't even know about it. :->) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [10-04-2000] tomorrow. See ya! :->