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Energy of the Day Sunday, 03-15-09

The Nine of Wands asks stamina and self-discipline, and for us to do the best we're able whatever our circumstances. Courage, character, and conviction carry us through this time of waiting and resting. Faith in our own awareness allows us to act in the proper time.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 03-14-09

The High Priestess asks of us patience and a learning attitude, and balance between our positive and negative sides. Assimilation and application of knowledge regarding trade, finance, and negotiation are supported here, as are public activities. We must come from the heart under this energy.

Energy of the Day Friday, 03-13-09

The Five of Swords indicates depression, defeat, and distress due to unforeseen problems and struggles. We're tired and frustrated in work, love, and health, and have no desire to expend energy toward superficialities. Time spent exploring hopes, dreams, and wishes with our most magnetic friends brings subtle fortune.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 03-12-09

The Lovers bring unpredictable changes, new unions, and reorganization of our living spaces. Love and friendship abound and we find ourselves experiencing interesting times. Travel, meetings, and personal property top our agendas.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 03-11-09

The Hierophant calls us to seek truth and understanding, particularly with regard to groups and to key individuals in our lives with whom we tend to align. New ways of thinking bring new opportunity around organizations and structures in our lives, and even the family establishment is examined and perhaps reworked. We feel possessive toward what we have, but we're also aware here of the value of letting go.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 03-10-09

The Nine of Wands has us focused on doing our best no matter what our circumstances, and on exercising patience. Character and self-discipline are demonstrated in the faith we find in the courage of our convictions. Stamina allows us to bide our time and wait for the right moment in which to act.

Energy of the Day Monday, 03-09-09

The Three of Wands brings tests of faith and promising unions along with unexpected wins. Contracts and other documents come our way, and business ventures are favored for companies large and small. We know exactly who we are under this energy, but beliefs and theories must be checked against reality.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 03-08-09

The Queen of Cups brings us the influence of someone who rises continually from their own ashes and brings forward what's still of use from what has been destroyed. Research and study are favored today, especially of things considered to be secret, and we find resolution of issues surrounding the home and personal property in the process of trying to make points to those around us. Romance blossoms between magnetically attracted parties.