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Energy of the Day Sunday, 03-29-09

The Five of Swords finds us tired and frustrated, unwilling to expend energy on superficial matters. We struggle with unforeseen problems, particularly with regard to work, love, and health, and where we experience defeat it's easy to fall into a distressed state of mind or even depression. Magnetically attractive friends will help support us in keeping our hopes and dreams alive until this weariness passes.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 03-28-09

The Seven of Cups has us searching for truth but feeling powerless, inadequate, and confused. Our spiritual path under this energy is life-altering in terms of family, friends, work, and love, and we are transformed through our inner beauty or lack thereof. Today's best legacy is found and made manifest through contact with the people, places, things, and ideas to which we are most magnetically attracted.

Energy of the Day Friday, 03-27-09

The Three of Swords indicates strife, adversity, and renewal, particularly with regard to personal relationships and urgent business. We're called to restructure our partnerships as external influences bring separation and disappointment. The attitudes we carry in dealing with our teammates determine the flavor of today's rewards or consequences.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 03-26-09

The Ten of Cups has us focused on rest and removing ourselves from boring responsibilities. We get out of the house unexpectedly and find that worries seem somewhat distant if we'll let them. Unconventional relationships develop, and while it may be challenging to avoid getting caught up in illusions we'll do well to act in accordance with our dreams.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 03-25-09

The Sun illuminates our worlds, from our own self-image to the people around us who can benefit from our charity. We want to keep up appearances and add some glamour to our lives, but the deeper focus is our spiritual journey. Marriage and other mergers come under the spotlight, and we're vindicated through our achievements.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 03-24-09

The Three of Pentacles brings career, planning, and documentation to the fore. Meetings regarding construction and the practical application of available resources bring rewarding results, as does orderly and complete paperwork. Intent and purpose in today's actions will determine the nature of our compensation.

Energy of the Day Monday, 03-23-09

The Five of Swords brings to our attention unforeseen problems and defeats, as well as frustrations in work, love, and health. We want to conserve energy, and where we must struggle we find ourselves feeling depressed or mentally distressed. The best outcomes today are found in sharing our hopes and wishes with those most attractive to us.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 03-22-09

The Ace of Wands finds us focused on possibility and promise. We're more heavily occupied than usual with business and social activities, and new avenues of fulfillment open before us as if out of thin air. Today's energy is pure potential.