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Energy of the Day Friday, 08-21-09

The Emperor highlights solid construction and the formation of new foundations. Someone or -thing comes into our lives that changes the status quo, bringing new partnerships and even new lifestyles. Opportunities arise to express our most basic selves in ways we hadn't previously been able or wanted to.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 08-20-09

The Three of Pentacles has us focused on papers such as mail and literature, and on work activities. Words used at planning meetings will be best addressed toward construction and the practical application of resources. Career goals are advanced through our actions, especially those taken with an eye toward future reward.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 08-19-09

The Page of Wands tells of contact with a person whose mind is philosophical in a broad, world-oriented way and from whom we tend to learn. We're interested in both discussing and acting on all things philosophical, spiritual, and work-related, with the intention to expand through new beginnings. Sexual attractions are strong under this energy.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 08-18-09

The Six of Swords highlights opinions, especially those of professionals, and asks us to evaluate the obstacles and problems they create. Career goals and working relationships top our priority lists, and we find unique uses for technological devices. It's a good day for expressing ourselves to our friends with regard to our hopes, dreams, and wishes.

Energy of the Day Monday, 08-17-09

The Four of Wands brings a myriad of experiences, especially involving relationships, communication, and travel. Participation in life is key today in order for us to gain the awareness we seek. Beauty and magnetic attractions guide us through this day.

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