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Energy of the Day Sunday, 10-11-09

The Queen of Pentacles brings inspiration regarding our hopes and dreams in the form of a friend who supports our wishes. The ways in which we serve bring tangible financial results, verifying our compassion or lack thereof for mankind. Aid given creates profit where we avoid becoming bogged down in emotional or material concerns.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 10-10-09

The King of Pentacles brings us someone with a strong mind and a child-like temperament. Communication through art and the media brings mental expansion and contact with influential people. We're absorbed in completing old projects and beginning new ones.

Energy of the Day Friday, 10-09-09

The King of Cups brings us someone whose main concerns are home and family. Love and romance loom large in our imaginations but our more immediate concern is financial independence. We'll do well to focus on work that needs doing and can be done around and regarding the house.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 10-08-09

The Seven of Pentacles brings dissatisfaction due to a pause in progress in which we're called upon to reevaluate everything. An anxiety-inducing situation causes us to take a close look at our goals, and even our lives. Depression is best avoided by putting effort toward the things we'd like to see happen despite the apparent futility of doing so.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 10-07-09

Temperance brings around all the challenges we think we've completed and tests us to the core. Problems regarding friends, lovers, habits, desires, health, money, and business resurface wherever we need a refresher on our choices and the reasons behind them. Self-awareness gained in this process allows us to more thoroughly cement our personal philosophies and share them in a way that benefits the world at large.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 10-06-09

The King of Cups brings someone oriented toward family and the household into our sphere today. Daydreams about love and romance are infused with a focus on financial independence. Activities around and business that can be done out of the home are favored under this energy.

Energy of the Day Monday, 10-05-09

The Ten of Cups has us getting out and about, leaving worry behind, and exploring unconventional relationships. This is the end of a minor cycle and affords us an opportunity to relax and flee responsibilities we find boring or dreary for a short time. It's a day for acting on our dreams and actively defusing our illusions.