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... unless I find a way to recover them, it seems all my Norton backup files, those on the external hard drive and all my copies on DVD are either corrupt or gone. I am a bit numb, but starting over (one hopes older and wiser than the last time), is rarely really a bad thing. It's not as bad as it sounds in some ways, in some ways probably far 'worse', but what is it really? Data, photos, probably some stuff I'm really gonna miss, probably lots of crap I'll never remember I had... I'd been holding out hope after the crash since finding that the backup on the external wouldn't restore that these disks would be the treasure chest - they're a couple years old, but it would've been 'better', in the sense of less lossfull, than losing what I lost - and now I guess it's time to put that hope to rest and set myself moving forward again. Alright. I'll just think in terms of how many more bits I have by which to remember things even after this

Louisiana leaders want Gulf drilling to resume - U.S. business

By Alan Sayre and Chris Kahn updated 6:57 p.m. ET June 10, 2010 NEW ORLEANS - At the same time they are venting their fury on BP over the Gulf of Mexico spill and its calamitous environmental effects, Louisiana politicians are rushing to the defense of the oil-and-gas industry and pleading with Washington to bring back offshore drilling —now. As angry as they are over the disaster, state officials warn that the Obama administration's temporary ban on drilling in the Gulf has sent Louisiana's most lucrative industry into a death spiral. They contend that drilling is safe overall and that the moratorium is a knee-jerk reaction, akin to grounding every airplane in America because of a single crash. They worry, too, that the moratorium comes at a time when another major Louisiana industry — fishing — has been brought to a standstill by the mess in the Gulf. Story continues below ↓ advertisement | your ad here "For God's sake, don't finish us off with a moratorium,&quo

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