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Energy of the Day Sunday, 08-16-09

The Two of Pentacles indicates difficulty in our schedules which creates emotional tribulation. It feels as though our work is in vain, and we have a hard time getting our points across through words, written or spoken. Discouragement creeps in as we experience loss in our occupation.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 08-15-09

The Page of Pentacles speaks of an encounter with a hard-working, forward-thinking, level-headed sort. Employment, and scholarly and romantic pursuits are on our minds, and we're willing under this energy to put in the mental effort needed to apply our ideals in a practical way. We can expect our work here to be rewarded, or to bear consequences depending upon what type of work we choose to do.

Energy of the Day Friday, 08-14-09

The King of Swords brings us someone who tends to carry a balanced, just perspective, particularly when it comes to partnerships. We seek clarity, especially around legal matters, and where we can obtain professional assistance we'll do well to do so. Today's energy compels us to modify our behavior as we process internal and external conflicts.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 08-13-09

The Eight of Swords heralds a day of withdrawal and restriction, perhaps to our benefit as the way here is fraught with danger. Accidents befall us and health problems flare up, creating hardship and a feeling of imprisonment. We'll do well here, when we feel oppressed and deadlocked, to express ourselves clearly, carefully, and from a detached and philosophical, if passionate, perspective.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 08-12-09

The Three of Wands asks us to check our theories and beliefs against the situations in which we find ourselves and decide where faith is justified and where it may be a mistake. Business ventures large and small and unions formed today hold promise. Contracts or documents bring unexpected wins.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 08-11-09

Death brings endings and new beginnings in career, partnerships, and even our lifestyles. The status quo is upended as we examine from every side what it is we're likely to bring forward should we continue in our current vein. What's worth keeping is clear here, as are those things we'll do well to discard.

Energy of the Day Monday, 08-10-09

The King of Pentacles brings us someone who reminds us what it is to be a child while maintaining a mindful approach to the world. Communication and expansion through art and the media put us into contact with people in authority or who carry influence. Mental energy is best expended finishing up old projects and starting new ones here.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 08-09-09

The Eight of Pentacles indicates a friend or relative assisting with an idea or project that carries risks but also rewards. Finance and assets top our priority lists along with the enlargement of some portion of our worlds through employment (particularly commissioned work) and/or romance. Betterment comes through analysis of issues of health and service.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 08-08-09

The Queen of Wands brings to us someone who is warm, uplifting, and a natural leader. We find ourselves focused on new paths, family matters, and spiritual pursuits, with affairs of love and personal fulfillment high on the list. The metaphysical holds our attention and getting together with those closest to us is a great way to facilitate growth.