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Energy of the Day Sunday, 04-26-09

The Hanged Man keeps us waiting, asking that in the mean time we examine our dreams and values as everything we've known is turned on it's head. We feel obsolete and meaningless in our own lives and find ourselves running low on hope. Our way of thinking will determine how the emotions that run rampant today manifest over time, the question being will we seek the positive or sink into the negative.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 04-25-09

The Page of Pentacles brings us into contact with someone who works hard, then plays hard, knowing that what's been accomplished will bring reward (or consequence) down the line. We're focused on employment and scholastic or romantic endeavors with practical idealism as a guide to today's direction. Much of our work here is mental, but we put active effort into improving our status amongst our peers and betters.

Energy of the Day Friday, 04-24-09

The Devil indicates clouding of the mind and perceptions, and negative cycles of events where nothing appears to go right. It's up to us to navigate today's energy carefully and make every effort to do what's right despite our inability to see the whole picture. We'll do well under this energy to keep our goals in mind, refusing to succumb to deception, as what's planted here will take time to come to fruition.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 04-23-09

The Eight of Wands indicates a focus on expansion, movement, and romance. We spend time away from home at a gathering and find new opportunity through long-distance communications. Our thoughts turn toward the best ways to impart our knowledge to those who would choose to benefit therefrom.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 04-22-09

The Eight of Pentacles brings assistance or backing for an idea or project, along with risks, accomplishments, friendship, and improvement. Finance and assets are on our minds, as are employment and romance. Our sense of kinship with the wider world is expanded by the service we provide to those of whom it's made up.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 04-21-09

The Ten of Pentacles finds our focus on the home and family, domestic issues, and our communities. Daily living costs and the working environment are highlighted here, and we'll do well to take a close look at our community and make adjustments as needed. Communication is heightened, particularly where it relates to health and service to others.

Energy of the Day Monday, 04-20-09

The Ace of Cups brings new ideas, love, fresh starts, and inspiration. Pleasure and satisfaction are heightened and we feel creatively enlightened. Emotion and intuition guide us to illumination.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 04-19-09

The Tower shakes as we focus on devastation, financial and business problems, and separations. Conflict and bizarre, unexpected encounters cause us to lose faith in ourselves and our worlds. Drastic measures are called for.