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Oh, the Irony...

" Ammon Bundy Asks Oregon Occupiers to Go Home, Lawyer Says " It's not the article I find ironic, just the headline. Seems like it read, "Oregon Asks Ammon Bundy's Occupiers to Go Home" just a few days ago.

The FBI's Response in Oregon

We here at MOA always say we don't want a revolution, but rather an evolution. Revolutions, usually violent, take us by nature back to where we started, while evolution moves us forward. Revolutionaries become dictators and despots, so sure are they that their way is the only right one, while evolutionaries show us more of our full or a different potential (albeit both positive and negative), with no more or less desire to push their own agenda than the average non-evolutionary type. This action in Oregon is a good example of why we say that, and it's the revolutionary nature of the thing that's likely driving the FBI's (apparent but not actual lack of) response. This occupation isn't a spur-of-the-moment protest-turned-riot, a sudden uprising requiring a swift, indubitable, resolute response to bring the violence to a close and get on with productive dialog (if such is to be the case). Instead, this is the fourth premeditated, organized action of its kind by thi