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Weekly Horoscope, May 7-13, 2006

Please be sure to check the reading date, as postings will be made early much of the time. Current readings will always be posted at MOA . [updated link (February 1, 2014):  MOA Eot* ] The week begins with a very earthy energy, as Virgo's Moon adds weight to Taurus' Sun. Sunday is an astrologically busy day, and for the most part quite good. Watery emotion creates a malleability which allows for our dreams to manifest, and there's just enough fire and air in the mix to dry and harden our creations. We'll want to look out for friction around 8:00 AM ( MDT ), a quarter to 5:00, and just after 10:30 PM, and a mental block around 8:00 PM, but none of that should stop us from making the most of what is largely a lucky, opportune energy. The night ends on an agitated note, but that's short-lived as the very early hours of Monday morning bring growth. This too is fleeting, and much of the day is edgy in a raspy, sort of annoying way. Things lighten up around a quarter