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Energy of the Day Sunday, 01-18-09

The Knight of Wands finds us at a crossroads, with the focus on living quarters, business arrangements, affairs of love, and choices that need making. There's stress involved with today's decisions but they're bound to be good ones in the long run. We'll do well to use this energy to get our important documentation in order.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 01-17-09

The Magician brings hope in the form of new beginnings and desires made manifest, especially those arising out of love. Our minds hold the potential of infinite possibilities, and communication is the key to releasing them. We'll do well to give thoughtful consideration to questions of housing, property, and finances.

Energy of the Day Friday, 01-16-09

The Ten of Pentacles has us focused on the home, family, daily living costs, and the working environment. Domestic matters loom large, and the effects of friends and community on those issues are at the forefront. We'll find the power we've been seeking from this cycle through business-like communication, attention to health, and service to others.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 01-15-09

The King of Swords brings us into contact with someone who tends toward charm and balance with a keen eye for both justice and beauty. As we gain clarity regarding inner and outer conflicts we find ourselves modifying our behavior accordingly in the quest to get ahead. Professional assistance is called for, particularly regarding legal or police matters.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 01-14-09

The Queen of Wands brings us into contact with a warm, masterful sort who tends to make life fun. Our focus is on new avenues, family matters, and personal fulfillment through spiritual pursuits. Emotion guides today's creative energy, but we must not let our fire be quelched by an overabundance of tears.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 01-13-09

The Eight of Swords has us feeling withdrawn, imprisoned, and restricted. Health problems and handicaps are at the fore, there is danger of accidental injury, and we feel mentally deadlocked. Careful, thoughtful communication is key to maximizing the benefit hidden in today's state of limbo.

Energy of the Day Monday, 01-12-09

The Seven of Pentacles finds us depressed and anxious, and reevaluating goals, aspirations, and even life itself. There's a pause in forward motion today in which we'll do well to focus on what we can do to build foundations for future growth. Wise use of money and possessions here leads to greater prosperity in coming days.