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Energy of the Day Sunday, 10-05-08

The King of Cups commands us to seek out a person who epitomizes family and home security, the one with the tough exterior who's soft inside. Romantic daydreams can serve us well here as long as they don't get in the way of business, especially the business of or that we work from our homes. Issues of financial independence are at stake today, and our emotional responses need to be tempered before expression. basic home recycling

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Why Some Women Hate Sarah Palin - TIME

Why Some Women Hate Sarah Palin - TIME

Energy of the Day Saturday, 10-04-08

The Five of Swords brings weight and struggle, frustration, and probably distress, the points of which are not to stop us but to give us a focus and make us work a little bit for our goals. If we never test and seek to push beyond our own limitations we cannot expect to grow or improve, and even perfection can stand a little remodeling from time to time. Instead of trying to create truth or beauty here we'll do well to simply let them find us and make the effort (if it's the only thing we manage today) to recognize them when they arrive.

I love...

... , my life, and probably you, Peace

Energy of the Day Friday, 10-03-08

The Seven of Pentacles asks us to reevaluate our deepest goals, even our reason for living. It will be difficult not to fight the necessary pause in progress while we make sense of what we're working for, but allowing the situation to resolve without taking on anxiety is our best strategy for preventing depression during this lull. Utilizing what we have will serve unerringly to bring our soul's gardens to fruition and now is the time to be sure what we're cultivating is of the right sort and appropriately pruned.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 10-02-08

The Ten of Swords directs us to clear up that which has become stagnant and remains unfinished as it will prevent any further progress. This is the time to make course corrections and bring order to our life's messes so we're able to express brightly and fully in every area. We'll be well-served by remembering the dreams and attitudes of our childhood.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 10-01-08

The Seven of Wands brings to our attention the things that create pressure in our lives: affairs of love and work, schedules, and commitments. Spirit-oriented action is the focus today, with trips and finances at the forefront. It's important to be clear about our desired goals before we move to realize them.

We Missed You

Our show featuring 'Chainsaw Tom' Wentz could not air last night due to technical difficulties at TVCTV . We hope to be back with that next week, and that it can be aired in other (non-live) time slots along the way. In any case, Moments of Awareness will return live in our regularly-scheduled time slot (Sunday nights, 11PM MT, Cable One Channel 11) as soon as possible.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 09-30-08

The Wheel of Fortune brings unexpected new developments and important information to our attention. We change course on the back of a (probably controversial) idea as conflicts of interest bring events to a head and previous plans are altered. Whatever we've been making manifest in our lives comes back to us in a big way here with the only question being whether we'll like it or not.

Energy of the Day Monday, 09-29-08

The Queen of Wands puts our focus on the family and personal fulfillment, asking us to seek out someone who brings energies of pleasure and creativity to spiritual pursuits. New paths open to us here, with love and the metaphysical leading the day's activities. Emotion may inform our choices but life itself is what will move us forward.