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Energy of the Day Saturday, 06-20-09

The Star card puts our focus on the future. We're called to have faith in possibility and to act upon our hopes and wishes. Sharing dreams with good friends is recommended under this energy.

Polyamory: When One Spouse Isn't Enough - ABC News

Polyamory: When One Spouse Isn't Enough - ABC News I disagree with that headline, but otherwise, worth reading. Shared via AddThis

Energy of the Day Friday, 06-19-09

The Three of Cups brings the refreshment of self-improvement, self-healing, and self-love. Our awareness of the effects of others within social interactions, including any animals with which we associate, brings nourishment and recovery. We're blessed with a spiritual awakening today and with it new self-realization.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 06-18-09

The Eight of Cups indicates that we're ready to move on from that which has gone as far as it can go, particularly with regard to projects, relationships, and ideals. We're considering what we've done and what we'd like to do next, and in deciding what that will be it's more important than usual to be realistic. The dreams we choose to pursue here will not come to fruition immediately, but their tone and content will determine the quality of our lives in the mean time.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 06-17-09

The Five of Pentacles brings self-doubt, confusion, and misfortune as we find ourselves suffering loss. We're upset by external pressure and unfortunate circumstances, especially in love, marriage, and business, and we find it difficult to deal with others. Thoughts expressed here take time to come to fruition and we'll do well to follow our usual routines as much as possible, especially when it comes to typical day-to-day travel.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 06-16-09

The Seven of Swords creates an atmosphere of uncertainty, instability, and introspection. We find ourselves analyzing our priorities in the pursuit of perfection, particularly with regard to self-protection, family members, partners, and health. It's worth working at putting our intuition into action where our friends and our dreams are concerned, even if we don't make a lot of progress today.

Energy of the Day Monday, 06-15-09

The Wheel of Fortune brings us around again, which means not only completion of large-scale cycles but conflict as we're faced with unforeseen developments that bring changes of course. We receive important information today and ideas whose time have come gain legitimacy. Right choices made here move us in the direction of abundant reward. Cooking with Super Joe Cooking with Super Joe

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