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Energy of the Day Saturday, 11-22-08

The Six of Pentacles puts us in mind of future gratification and asks decisions, particularly regarding health, about what's coming down the line. We can get a good start today but will do well to practice patience and flexibility in accepting that there's more work to be done and we may need to change course at any time. Despite the apparent fluidity of the situation we're able to lay a solid foundation here.

Energy of the Day Friday, 11-21-08

The Knight of Wands finds us at crossed roads regarding living quarters, places of business, and partnerships. Important documents guide us in areas where we have choices to make, and we'll do well not to let today's stress get the better of us. Success will come in it's proper time.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 11-20-08

The Four of Wands takes us on the scenic route, bringing the communications and activities we need to enlighten our spirits and enrich our relationships. What attracts us also energizes us and we are illuminated by what we find beautiful today. The foundations of our lives are put through the fire here and, provided they're wrought of worthwhile stuff, ought to come out tempered and stronger.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 11-19-08

The Nine of Cups puts the focus on security and material well-being, the things most personal and necessary to us. Food, shelter, health, and career are at the forefront today, and emotions run high. Our dreams are set to come to fruition in a big way provided we don't fall prey to illusion.










Energy of the Day Tuesday, 11-18-08

The Two of Pentacles finds us caught in a bind when it comes to scheduling and communication. Discouragement, particularly in business, brings emotional turmoil as we come to feel like our efforts are in vain, and everything's bigger than life in the sense that the ramifications of today's actions and reactions will echo far into the future. It behooves us to keep in mind that our choices make permanent impact where these circumstances are temporary.

Energy of the Day Monday, 11-17-08

The Magician urges us toward making manifest our desires on spiritual and material levels, particularly where we're beginning anew and following where love leads. Finance, property, and future concerns are at the forefront under this energy, and if we need to make requests (of the Universe or on a smaller scale) this is an appropriate time to get feelers sent out. Our thoughts and mental state take on life today so we'll want to be aware of their course and attitude.