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ACP Internist: QD: News Every Day--Shiver yourself thin?

British researchers are trying to causally link raising the thermostat to obesity prevalence . "Domestic winter indoor temperatures" appear to be rising, the researchers wrote, as is obesity. They focused on a causal link, focusing on acute and long-term effects of being comfortable in the winter. [...] Full article at They're barking up a right tree here. Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

EverythingHealth: Your Genes Determine Which Diet Works

Why do some diets work better than others?  Why can your best friend lose 10 lbs with a low carb diet and your weight just hovers?  Why can some people eat just about everything, and still stay skinny?  It's all in the genes.  Mindy Dopler Nelson, Ph.D., of Stanford U. reported the results of her study at the American Heart Associate conference.  She found that a single nuceotide polymorphism caused women to loose 5X as much weight on the Atkins diet, compared with women who did not have the gene. ( A single nucleotide polymorphism is a DNA sequence variation that can create a copying error for proteins that change how a gene works and can be the site of certain disease processes ) Dr. Nelson studied women on 4 popular weight loss diets.  (Atkins, Zone, Learn and Ornish)  Within each of the diet groups, there were women who had lost over 15kg as well as people who gained 5 kg.  These women had no statistically significant differences in body mass index, blood pressure,

From We Are Defiance

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Hidden Order/Garden City Limits

   Download now or listen on posterous 02.Hidden_Order.mp3 (3588 KB) Garden City Limits Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

If you buy goods out of state, you may still owe Idaho use tax | Idaho Economy | Idaho Statesman

The Idaho Tax Commission reminded Idaho taxpayers that they are responsible for a 6 percent use tax on untaxed goods purchased out of state that are brought to Idaho. This includes e-mail, phone and catalog sales. The Tax Commission's reminder comes as the state continues to look for money to help plug a looming deficit that would be as high as $137 million. It also comes as attempts to get the state to join a group of other states working to improve tax collections [...] ~~~~~~~~~~~~ For more information on use tax [...] visit Full article at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Transforming Education: Idaho’s small districts already using the Internet as a classroom | Education | Idaho Statesman

It’s second period at Notus Junior/Senior High School, and students in Trish Shelden’s room are learning everything from psychology to digital photography. Eighteen students sit at computers, and one bounces nearby on a small platform, taking PE via Wii. Similar scenes take place all day every day, as most of Notus’ 113 high school students spend one of their daily class periods taking an online course under Shelden’s watchful eye. With a slate of around 130 such courses available from the Idaho Digital Learning Academy, students can take electives little Notus can’t offer, make up for a class they failed or get a coveted course at a time that works for them. “This gives my kids the same opportunities as students at Eagle High School or Boise High School,” said Notus School District Superintendent Benjamin Merrill, who also serves as principal and football coach for Notus Junior/Senior High. “We’ve been able to leverage our resources and level the playing field. [...] ~

Capital Defense

" A blog devoted to the long term preservation of your capital. " Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

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Valentine Yin Yoga & Holotropic Breathing

YIN YOGA Sunday, February 13 at 2:00-4:00pm $20 per person Join Steve Ross as he leads you through a 2-hour Yin Yoga and Meditation class.  Stretch your hips and open your heart in time for Valentine's Day! The class will be made up of poses done on the floor.  The long hold poses will stretch out tight muscles and  access meredians to help your energy flow. No loud music No sweat Ends with a meditation and a nice long savasana. The perfect and peaceful compliment to your regular flow practice. HOLOTROPIC BREATHING Sunday, February 13 at 8PM  $20 per person Open your heart in time for Valentine's day  and treat yourself to a mind expanding experience. Let Steve help you access non-ordinary deep states of consciousness and breathe yourself into ecstasy. Wear comfortable clothing and please join us with an empty stomach and an open mind. Maha Yoga 13050 San Vicente Blvd - Second Floor - Los Angeles, CA 90049 310-89

Idaho gas project gets new wrinkle: A plan to change the drilling process has Payette County worried. | Environment | Idaho Statesman

State officials plan to meet next week to start to establish a program to oversee drilling and natural gas production that could bring millions to help pay for schools, state and local government programs. But the Payette County and New Plymouth officials who govern closest to the proposed sites are worried about what effect the drilling techniques now being proposed could have on their drinking water. Bridge Resources Corp. and its partner, Paramax Resources Ltd., both of Canada, spent $20 million in 2010 to drill 11 wells in Payette County. Three of the 11 wells can produce at economic levels naturally. The other four require stimulation through a process called hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” the company says. The company wants to inject at high pressure a mixture of gel and sand into the formation to clean out the reservoir near the well bore, prop open fractures and entice gas to flow more freely. The process has been used for more than 60 years but has become con

Scam Alert: If you get a virus pop-up, shut off your computer | Scam and Consumer Alerts | Idaho Statesman

If phone calls to the Better Business Bureau are any indication, this is the week for the scareware virus to be making the rounds. Callers tell us they’ve been visiting trusted websites when, all of a sudden, a pop-up appears on the screen with a warning that the computer has been infected by a virus. The pop-up is disguised to look like a Microsoft Windows message — urging the user to click a button to download anti-virus software. STOP! I called Kent Haneke, office manager at Meridian Computer Center, for advice on what to do when the pop-up pops up. Haneke said turning off the computer quickly is the first step. He had just started working on two computers infected with the virus. Computer A had been allowed to run for a while after being infected. The virus had done what viruses do: spread. He anticipated it taking multiple hours to get the computer clean. Computer B’s owner had shut the system down immediately upon seeing the pop-up. Haneke anticipated it taking about

Police question woman in buttocks injection death - Yahoo! News

PHILADELPHIA – Police questioned a New Jersey woman and were seeking a second person for questioning in the case of a London woman who died after receiving cosmetic injections in her buttocks at a hotel near Philadelphia International Airport. Investigators issued a search warrant at the Bergen County, N.J., home of a woman they believe organized the appointment, Philadelphia police Lt. Ray Evers said Wednesday. She was questioned and unspecified evidence was seized from the residence but she was not arrested, he said. Evers said police believe she acted as a coordinator of buttocks and hip enlargements for the victim and another woman, communicating with them overseas by e-mail, text messages and phone calls to set up the visit — their second in recent months. "Our information tells us these girls were here in November and did receive treatment from the same individuals," Evers said. The second woman who was being sought for questioning "was the act

Boise seed swap Saturday is one event in Year of Idaho Food | News Updates | Idaho Statesman

Lovers of gardens, local foods, vegetable growing, and community should not miss this event: a public seed swap on Saturday at the Basque Center in Downtown Boise. You do not need to have seeds to share or trade, but if you do, tables will be available for you to set out your seed packets. The event also will offer a chance to meet other local gardeners, get advice from local farmers and Master Gardeners and hear war stories about growing in the Treasure Valley. Storytelling about seeds and gardens will take place from 10:30 a.m. to noon. Participants should come ready to tell a story about how seed connects them to family, food, traditions, culture and memory. Matt Miller from the Nature Conservancy will emcee, said Beth Rasgorshek, owner of Canyon Bounty Farm in Nampa and one of the organizers of the swap. [...] ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anna Webb: 377-6431 Full article (including events list) at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Test gets almost 1 in 5 syphilis cases wrong - Yahoo! News

ATLANTA – Health officials say hundreds of people may have been told they have syphilis when they don't. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says a study of five U.S. labs shows about 18 percent of the positive results from a test method used since the 1980s were actually negative. [...] Full article at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Prenatal surgery improves conditions for children with spina bifida, study finds

The surgery increased the number of children who were able to walk unassisted by the age of 30 months and decreased the number who had to have shunts implanted to remove water from the brain. Prenatal surgery for the most severe form of the birth defect spina bifida doubled the number of children who were able to walk unassisted by the age of 30 months and halved the percentage who had to have shunts implanted after birth to remove water from the brain , researchers reported Wednesday. The surgery, however, presented some risks to both children and mothers: Infants were more likely to be born preterm and mothers suffered a thinning of the uterine wall that would require all future births to end in a caesarean section. The prenatal surgery is "certainly not a cure," said Dr. N. Scott Adzick of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia , who led the study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine. But on balance, he added, "we believe it is now th

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News alert: SB 1070

From: Professor Wollheim Sent: Saturday, February 05, 2011 5:14 PM Please note that the Idaho Legislature is now contemplating enactment of SB 1070 , which would charge anyone "assisting a suicide" with a felony violation punishable by ten years' imprisonment. This could include medical professionals who prescribe pain-relieving medicine to a terminal patient who dies as a result of the dosage.  Charges might be brought by any number of parties, including family members but also outside agencies such as religious organizations opposed to "physician assisted suicide." Personal editorial comment: in a state which devotes so few resources to suicide prevention , why is the legislature devoting its energies to this matter? ... Dr. W. [emphasis added] And, in case anyone out there's thinkin' about it, look here for the resources that are available, make it 'til morning, and remember you are loved. If you're feelin' suicidal you don't

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Fixodent: Is Too Much for Too Long Unhealthy? - ABC News

via On the one hand it's about the zinc. On the other, it's about the much more widespread and pernicious problem of corporate corruption. Posted via email from Peace Jaway

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Calls to Artists: Expose Yourself—Possibly for Money | Cobweb

photo by Laurie Pearman Modern Art organizers and participants Amy O'Brien and Kerry Tullis. What's that sound? Is that one of several opportunities for exposure and possibly some cold, hard cash knocking at your door, you hardworking artist? Why yes it is. Maybe you better answer it. Sun Valley Arts and Crafts Festival The annual Sun Valley Arts and Crafts Festival in Ketchum happens Aug. 12-14 this year and organizers are looking for artistic and crafty participants. To apply, visit or and click on Events. The deadline to apply is Monday, Feb. 28, at midnight. [...] Full article at   Posted via email from Peace Jaway

Safe water

From: Ken Cook, EWG Action Fund < > Date: Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 7:14 AM Keep on doing what you're doing. -- Senator Barbara Boxer, D-California Chairman, Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Dear Friend, One report started it all. In December, EWG published the first national investigation of the suspected carcinogen chromium-6 -- also known as hexavalent chromium -- in drinking water in 35 cities around the country. Recently, Senators Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., and Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., introduced Senate Bill 79, the Protecting Pregnant Women and Children From Hexavalent Chromium Act of 2011. The Boxer/Feinstein bill would require the Environmental Protection Agency to act within a year to set a safe limit for chromium-6 in drinking water. Your senators need to hear from you today that clean, safe drinking water is crucial. Click here TODAY to tell your senators to co-sponsor the Protecting Pregnant Women and Children from Hex

Josh Ritter/New Tour EP Released, featuring 'Galahad'!

From: Josh Ritter Date: Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 1:19 PM Friends and Fans, Our February US tour starts this Thursday (2/10) in Philadelphia.  We're proud to announce a limited-edition EP that we'll be selling on the Feb / March / April tour dates.  It's called TO THE YET UNKNOWING WORLD , and it features 6 songs from the So Runs the World Away sessions that haven't been released before, including "Galahad".  You can stream it here right here, right now: { Stream the New EP To The Yet Unknowing World } And today you can download a free MP3 from the EP, from our friends at FILTER: { Download Free Mp3 } The new EP will be available at the merch table at all the tour dates (first come, first served!).  For those of you not able to make it to one of the upcoming shows, you can pre-order it via Josh's webstore HERE or buy it digitally HERE . It will also be available at select indie record stores and on iTunes on Feb 15th! To the Yet Unknowing World tracklis

Exercise Tips to Keep You Motivated - Motivational Exercise Tips and Reminders

Whether you're just starting exercise or you've been at it for awhile, there will come a time when you want to give up. It's at this moment, when you doubt yourself, when you stare at the scale and wonder why it doesn't move faster , that you need to dig deep to keep going. One way to do that is with a motivational pep talk. Sure, pep talks are a little cheesy, but what you say to yourself in these moments is critical to keep you going. These exercise tips and reminders will keep you from giving up on your fitness and weight loss goals. 1. This Will Get Easier –The first time my client *Jenny did a pushup, she did one, collapsed to the floor and gasped, " Worst. Exercise. Ever." I'm pretty sure she said that the second time and the third, but what she forgot was one important fact: This will get easier. It doesn't feel that way in the beginning, but every time you do those killer exercises - pushups , lunges , squats - you're

Thanks, Paul!/This week's SNL was classic

Wayne's World revisited! These guys rock. :) From: paul peterson Date: Sun, Feb 6, 2011 at 10:41 AM Dana Carvey, Mike Meyers, Jon Lovitz.....just for starters!   Here's the link:       See ya all in the funny papers....   PP 503-857-9760 Posted via email from Peace Jaway


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