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Energy of the Day Thursday, 01-01-09

The Empress speaks of a quiet beginning to the new year, a day of feeling and allowing in which intuition is key. Expression of self is achieved through our way of being rather than what we do, and connections occur effortlessly as we are magnetically drawn to those we seek. Travel and socialization are supported so long as we stay in touch with our inner voice.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 12-31-08

The Ace of Cups speaks of pleasure, fresh starts, and new inspiration arising from the wellsprings of the soul. We're steeped in emotion, especially love, and called to begin and renew creative endeavors. Intuitive energy is high, and our efforts are well-spent brainstorming for novel approaches.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 12-30-08

The King of Cups tells of an encounter with a person who tends to focus on the family and financial independence. Business we can do from home is strongly supported here, and security is at the top of our list. Love and romance inhabit our daydreams.

Energy of the Day Monday, 12-29-08

The Hermit (again) brings us to perfection in one phase as another begins to blossom. Our focus is internal, but our effect is external as we solve problems and find what we've been looking for. Health holds a high priority and people who've been out of our lives for some time return, in thought or reality.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 12-28-08

The Hermit card speaks of seeking and finding solutions, final stages, and people from the past. Self-analysis takes a high priority today, as does service, especially in areas related to health. Completion of one phase allows commencement of the next.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 12-27-08

The Two of Swords indicates we're moving ahead regardless of fear or doubt and making necessary choices. It's a good idea to seek out and spend time with friends who support us and help round out our plans. Uncertainty is best met with even-minded thinking and illusion is dispelled through just action.

Energy of the Day Friday, 12-26-08

The Lovers card asks us to consider change and new experience, with an emphasis on unions and personal property. Meetings and examination of love and friendship allow for reorganization, particularly in the home. Choices are required here, and travel is eventful.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 12-25-08

The Six of Pentacles puts the focus on promise and opportunity, health and investment. Starts made today won't necessarily take us where we want to go, but gratification is likely in the end. Solvency is an appropriate priority here, particularly with regard to career.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 12-24-08

The Seven of Swords speaks of instability and uncertainty, introspection and self-protection. We find ourselves analyzing matters and reprioritizing around family, partners, and health. Intuition and emotion guide us as we navigate the waters of our hopes, dreams, and wishes with the help of close friends.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 12-23-08

The Four of Swords has us renewing our business and social affairs, promoting ourselves and generally acting as opposed to merely being. Letters, papers, and graphs help us keep track of money matters, and it's important that we remain balanced in our dealings. Reading and writing are at the top of our list today.

Energy of the Day Monday, 12-22-08

The Ace of Swords finds us feeling tension and anxiety related to communication and the responses we get from others. It falls to us to control our actions and reactions in explosive situations we encounter today and it's in our best interest to maintain integrity in correspondence. Things that have been in the air begin to gain physicality.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 12-21-08

The King of Wands brings us face-to-face with someone who is exactly what they appear to be and who brings life and adventure to even the most mundane activities (perhaps in the mirror?). We put ourselves out there today, one of the group but standing alone, and any appropriate opportunity we see to get ahead is to be taken. Construction and development in the areas of business and finance set us on the way to bringing the future from planning to fruition.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 12-20-08

The Page of Wands brings us into contact with a philosophical sort who has a natural teacher's temperament. We want to expand our view of and reach in the world and a good place to find new beginnings is through analysis of our spiritual inventory. Work dominates the day's thoughts, discussions, and activities, but an undercurrent of sexual attraction runs beneath the surface.

Energy of the Day Friday, 12-19-08

The Ten of Wands has us plodding through practical difficulties on the way toward major change or even a move. We're working on the planning and execution of new projects and seeking to bring a new way into being. Today's efforts are broad-mindedly philosophical and their effects will touch large areas of our lives.










Energy of the Day Thursday, 12-18-08

The Six of Cups brings a turning-over, a time of rediscovery and new awareness as we sift through what has been. Changes of scenery, getting out, connecting with friends and loved ones bring us back and move us forward at the same time. We express here where it is we've come from and what we hope to leave behind.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 12-17-08

The Hierophant has us focused on groups and structures in our lives, evaluating with whom it is we align ourselves and searching for truth. Thinking in new ways brings opportunity, and seeking out the advice of someone wiser than ourselves is called for. The secret lies in what we have being everything we need and, whether we know it or not, everything we want in a given moment.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 12-16-08

The Devil card indicates that we can't see what's coming and what we can see is that every issue or problem we're encountering seems to grow and multiply. Intention and attitude matter in the work we do here, since it's the foundation for future developments. Energy is high and we dare to be different, but it is of paramount importance that our reasoning is sound and just.

Energy of the Day Monday, 12-15-08

The Empress puts our focus on being - thinking and feeling - rather than doing. Intuition is strong today and social self-expression and travel are encouraged. We must be still in order to assess our magnetic attractions and allow beauty to find us.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 12-14-08

The Eight of Wands has us on the move, expanding our horizons, and getting away from home for a spell. New opportunities, romantic and otherwise, arise out of gatherings and long-distance communications. This is a good day for expressing broad-minded philosophies.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 12-13-08

The Nine of Pentacles puts the focus on business, promotion, and paths to invigoration. Revitalization of partnerships and enterprises comes through analysis of what energizes us about our work and disposal of that which is unhealthy or serves no one. We'll do well to take the opportunity to mediate for change when it arises.

Energy of the Day Friday, 12-12-08

The Eight of Swords has us feeling oppressed and restricted, imprisoned by deadlock. Accidents and health problems come to the fore and we feel emotionally blinded, but where we're able to express ourselves we can expect a fruitful outcome. It will serve us to keep in mind that this darkness is only temporary.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 12-11-08

The Nine of Wands calls for courage, patience, and character and asks that we do the best we're able according to our circumstances. When the time is right to act it will be important that we do so in a disciplined manner according to the strength of our convictions. Today's energy is optimistically expressive and philosophical in nature with an eye toward the big picture.










Energy of the Day Wednesday, 12-10-08

The Five of Wands has us analyzing the likely effects of acting through our intentions or personal integrity. Change and reformation arise from inner conflicts and unexpressed desire in the areas of business and romance. Work done here expresses itself widely in good time.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 12-09-08

The Five of Cups has us longing for excitement but lacking the desire to make it happen in the face of what feel like setbacks and obstacles. We're exhausted and need to take some downtime during the current delay to reassess our physical, mental, and emotional states. Today's activity is largely internal as we sift through our respective inventories in search of our legacies.

Energy of the Day Monday, 12-08-08

The Ten of Swords asks that we clean up and clear away that which has gone sour regarding those projects on which we've lost momentum. Our selves, our families, our homes, businesses, and communities will all benefit from attention received under this highly creative expressive energy. This is the time to bring forward what we have and have become through past cycles to set the foundation for future ones.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 12-07-08

The Knight of Pentacles tells of a primary focus on the most basic fundamentals today; life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Travel, promotion, and property are our main vehicles of expression here and what is expressed is bound to manifest. Advertising and real estate are favored investments under this energy.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 12-06-08

The Four of Pentacles urges us toward success and security, with conservation and practical use of energy at the foundation of our choices today. We'll do well to work hard and focus on finances here, as well as our personal 'safe' space. Once again, expect long-term results from short-term effort.

Energy of the Day Friday, 12-05-08

The Page of Wands turns our minds toward that person we know or are about to meet who's eternally optimistic, always teaching, and who tends to see the big picture while exposing the heart of the matter. Spiritual analysis and an inventory of work-related ideas and activities expand our philosophical outlook bringing a sense of renewal, and a sexual attraction stokes the fires of our being. How we use what we have and receive on a material plane today will be directly reflected in our energetic effect on the wider world.

ABC News: Tranquilizer Detox Withdrawal Can Last Years

ABC News: Tranquilizer Detox Withdrawal Can Last Years

They killed their neighbors: genocide's foot soldiers -

They killed their neighbors: genocide's foot soldiers -

Energy of the Day Thursday, 12-04-08

The Three of Swords directs us to focus on relationships, delays in business, and what's influencing us externally, particularly where any of those things are creating stress. Separations bring disappointment and adversity and we'll do well to look at this tearing down as an opportunity to rebuild and renew. Appropriate action here helps bring us to balance in areas where we need it as we move forward.










Energy of the Day Wednesday, 12-03-08

The Seven of Pentacles brings a complete reevaluation not only of our goals, but our lives. We feel anxious or dissatisfied over a seeming pause in progress and may even fall into depression if we don't relax into patient awareness that all is as it must be. Our work here is bound to bear fruit in time, and the type, quality, and quantity of that fruit depends upon the seeds we plant and the care we give them as they grow.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 12-02-08

The Knight of Wands finds us at crossroads, particularly with regard to business and living arrangements, partnerships, and love. Keeping important documents in order will reduce the inherent difficulty in today's choices and help us make the correct ones. Too much or too little thought saps our energy here, but if we put just the right amount of consideration into things we'll find success comes down the line.

Energy of the Day Monday, 12-01-08

Temperance brings tests in the areas of friendship, love, habits, health, money, business, and anything else we think we have mastered. It's a day to both experience emotionally and observe objectively, to gain strength and wisdom from the realization of how far forward we've come. Optimism is imperative here, as is expression of the truth as we see it.

Wind Farms Could Change Weather | LiveScience

Wind Farms Could Change Weather LiveScience

Energy of the Day Sunday, 11-30-08

The Two of Swords indicates a need to move forward despite any doubt or confusion, relying heavily on insight from those who support us. Decisions must be made and in order to make the best possible choices we must use intuition to guide us where we're unable to see clearly or when what we see confuses us. We'll be best-served by staying in touch with our most responsive friends.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 11-29-08

The Four of Pentacles puts our focus on conservation and security, work and our safe spaces. We're heavily invested in making every effort count and using all of what we have. What is expressed here comes to fruition in good time.

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Energy of the Day Friday, 11-28-08

Justice rules the day, bringing us to rest and guiding us to find balance, particularly in the areas of health, time, money, and legal matters. The question here is how much of what we experience is cause and effect and how much is fate? If we can rest secure in the knowledge that each plays it's part we ought to find peace under this energy.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 11-27-08

The Page of Swords asks us to seek contact with someone cool and down-to-earth who's known for their steadfast nature. Future growth is encouraged through workable ideas and controlled reactions, and personal relationships see unexpected developments. It's a good day to be on the move but we'll want to be sure and take in any messages we come across in the process.










Energy of the Day Wednesday, 11-26-08

The Queen of Pentacles directs us to seek out a friend who understands our hopes, wishes, and dreams, and puts us in a mindset of seeking the greater good. We're filled with compassion for mankind under this energy but also mindful of finances. We seek and are asked to produce tangible, verifiable results.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 11-25-08

The Six of Wands tells us yesterday's anxiety continues as things fall apart or fail to come together to our liking. We feel intolerably restricted by time and circumstance and it will be helpful to keep in mind that this is the feeling just before birth, or just before a seed sprouts or an egg hatches, the feeling of life prepared to either burst forth into abundance or wither and die upon exposure to the elements. Our focus matters, and it is entirely our choice what we bring forward through this transition into a new world.

Energy of the Day Monday, 11-24-08

The Seven of Pentacles brings a reevaluation of our life's work and choices regarding the future. Feeling like we're unable to move forward causes dissatisfaction and even depression unless we're able to manage our anxiety through the current pause. What grows from today's fallow time will be well worth the wait.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 11-23-08

The Page of Pentacles has us seeking out that individual in our lives with a penchant for doing today what's necessary for tomorrow. Work and school are favored under this energy and our endeavors are best directed toward building material foundations. We'll see results down the line from practical efforts made here.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 11-22-08

The Six of Pentacles puts us in mind of future gratification and asks decisions, particularly regarding health, about what's coming down the line. We can get a good start today but will do well to practice patience and flexibility in accepting that there's more work to be done and we may need to change course at any time. Despite the apparent fluidity of the situation we're able to lay a solid foundation here.

Energy of the Day Friday, 11-21-08

The Knight of Wands finds us at crossed roads regarding living quarters, places of business, and partnerships. Important documents guide us in areas where we have choices to make, and we'll do well not to let today's stress get the better of us. Success will come in it's proper time.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 11-20-08

The Four of Wands takes us on the scenic route, bringing the communications and activities we need to enlighten our spirits and enrich our relationships. What attracts us also energizes us and we are illuminated by what we find beautiful today. The foundations of our lives are put through the fire here and, provided they're wrought of worthwhile stuff, ought to come out tempered and stronger.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 11-19-08

The Nine of Cups puts the focus on security and material well-being, the things most personal and necessary to us. Food, shelter, health, and career are at the forefront today, and emotions run high. Our dreams are set to come to fruition in a big way provided we don't fall prey to illusion.










Energy of the Day Tuesday, 11-18-08

The Two of Pentacles finds us caught in a bind when it comes to scheduling and communication. Discouragement, particularly in business, brings emotional turmoil as we come to feel like our efforts are in vain, and everything's bigger than life in the sense that the ramifications of today's actions and reactions will echo far into the future. It behooves us to keep in mind that our choices make permanent impact where these circumstances are temporary.

Energy of the Day Monday, 11-17-08

The Magician urges us toward making manifest our desires on spiritual and material levels, particularly where we're beginning anew and following where love leads. Finance, property, and future concerns are at the forefront under this energy, and if we need to make requests (of the Universe or on a smaller scale) this is an appropriate time to get feelers sent out. Our thoughts and mental state take on life today so we'll want to be aware of their course and attitude.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 11-16-08

The Three of Pentacles has us meeting and planning, reading and writing. We're focused on laying the foundation and building the framework for future endeavors, especially in business, and seeking the most practical applications for our energy. It's a good day for catching up on paperwork and going through and responding to any mail we've got set aside.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 11-15-08

The Eight of Swords speaks to binding, blinding handicaps, accidents, and deadlocks. Feelings of restriction and being caught in limbo arise, with hardship coming not from having too few, but too many choices. We find ourselves adrift in the nothingness of infinite possibility and called upon simply to wait for our fate to shake itself out.

Midwives Say Home Births Are Up, Despite Warnings -

Midwives Say Home Births Are Up, Despite Warnings -

Rep. Brad Sherman Martial Law

Energy of the Day Friday, 11-14-08

The Three of Cups keeps us focused on improving ourselves and therefore our worlds, with an eye to the animals in our lives and their effect. We're able to put our feelings into words today and what we can learn about those with whom we surround ourselves by doing so will teach us much about who we are. It's important to take the time we need when we need it.










Energy of the Day Thursday, 11-13-08

The Nine of Pentacles calls upon us to mediate and revitalize where such actions are warranted, particularly in the business realm. Any actions we can take toward our own advancement are favored, and the things to which we are magnetically attracted are useful in today's self-analysis. It's a good idea under this energy to seek out areas in which we can be of service, especially at a corporate level.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 11-12-08

The Hanged Man brings a sense of hopelessness or meaninglessness in which we question our dreams and our visions seem obsolete. This is an opportunity to practice patience as we wait for clarity and assistance regarding matters of emotion and intuition. We appear to be experiencing a complete reversal in terms of our lives, values, and beliefs; whether this is the case or not we are best served remaining calm and keeping our heads above water until the deluge passes and any actual change it brings has begun to settle in.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 11-11-08

The Judgement card indicates a test by fire and fundamental change. New relationships and business ventures benefit from improvements in both conditions and choices as we begin to understand our purpose and adjust our thinking and habits accordingly. We can save ourselves a great deal of grief by holding our tempers and applying objectivity in potentially tense situations.

Energy of the Day Monday, 11-10-08

The Seven of Cups has us seeking the power in truth. Our lives are altered today through gut-wrenching spiritual experience brought on by feelings of inadequacy and confusion. What attracts us may destroy us, but if we'll allow it destruction inevitably leads to transformation, even evolution.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 11-09-08

The Lovers card has us seeing through new eyes, and making choices and changes, some quite sudden, in favor of the things that matter most to us. We're focused on what is ours, but we find interest in examining it from unusual perspectives which puts us in a mind to travel and reorganize. Love, friendship, and new unions are nurtured in the home.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 11-08-08

The Page of Cups comes to us as a dreamer, perhaps an illusionist, who plays a role in our understanding of the ways in which the emotional affects the physical and vice versa. We want to know more but learning requires stretching, and stretching can be painful. Meetings regarding and discussion of future work projects are favored today.

Energy of the Day Friday, 11-07-08

The Ace of Wands tells of potentials and beginnings, nascent life and new promise in business and society. Whether we burn warm and steady today, bright and hot, or low and cool, we'll do well to be mindful of nurturing what's trying to emerge. The best new ideas strike like lightning under this energy.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 11-06-08

The Two of Swords indicates that this is a day to walk with those who understand where we are, can potentially be of use, and/or love us regardless of what's going on. Fear and doubt cannot, or at least should not, be allowed to deter us from making choices and moving forward; we'll have to trust our selves, our instincts, and those to whom we matter. Our eyes perceive what is seen, our brains decipher their signals, our minds make the provided information useful, and confusion at any step signals a need to remain balanced and clear while paths are revealed.