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I've enjoyed my time away from social networking very much. (Thank you all for the birthday wishes; it was an excellent day. :) ) Social media's been a part of my life for nineteen years, and as I am wont to do when the mood takes me (look back to where Energy of the Day started on this blog, its second incarnation, as Energy of the Month ; sometimes I've taken years off from that), I'm shifting my focus for the next while back to video. I love makin' videos, and I've been away from it for over a year, since before MOA went off the air (again), as it is also wont to doing. As always it had a good run, and as always it'll be back somewhere, someday. :) I've been workin' (at work), workin' on the outdoor stuff, workin' on the fish tanks (got a deal we couldn't turn down on a fifty-five-gallon long with accoutrements; thanks, Rick), workin' on that writing project some of you have heard so much about, either from its beginning ninetee