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From @mparida/Shift Movement | Private...for now! is currently only open to a select group of members of The Shift Network while we test out the system and improve the core functions so that it becomes a truly a great place for you to connect and offer your gifts. We will be opening soon to a wider audience. [...] via   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Idaho moviemaker’s new film's set in Chicago, but nearly all of it was shot in Boise | Boise, Garden City, Mountain Home | Idaho Statesman

Greg Green’s new film “Three of a Kind” boasts two actors who gained fame from iconic roles: Superman’s Lois Lane and Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi. Margot Kidder and Larry Thomas are in supporting roles in Green’s film, a slick, sexy psychological thriller that the Idaho moviemaker hopes will get noticed at one of the top film festivals and picked up by a distributor. “I want to be sure it plays in front of a large audience,” the 55-year-old filmmaker said. “We want to make enough money that we can make our next film, and the film after that.” But what makes the movie truly unusual is that “Three of a Kind” was shot almost entirely in the Boise area — scenes take place at a home in Eagle, in the North End’s Hyde Park, at Chandlers Steakhouse, in Downtown Boise, in the women’s restroom of the El Korah Temple, at Ann Morrison Park, at Boise Airport, at Homedale Airport, and on the Boise State campus. Numerous short films are made in Idaho each year, but very few full-length feature

MOA Tonight

"We listen to music and talk to people," or, my fave tagline courtesy of Drew, "Drunks calling hippies to talk about nonsense = win." :D Watch live on Cable One  Channel 11  in southwestern Idaho and eastern Oregon or  on-line  (there's an approximately thirty-second delay) and give us a call at 1-208-343-1100 between 10 and 11PM MT. Check out rising local talents OCTO &  Brother Dan  on tonight's show. Watch previous shows on YouTube  here  and background videos with music (now in widescreen HD)  here . Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

From @rpreibold Advancement of Women – Bahai Faith | Baha'i Faith | United States Official Website

Baha'is view equality between the sexes and the full participation of women in every field of human endeavor as essential prerequisites to peace and human progress. [...] Full article at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Tourists caught on webcam walking on Old Faithful | Idaho | Idaho Statesman

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. — Yellowstone National Park officials say members of a tour group have been ticketed after someone watching on a webcam several states away saw them walking on the cone of the iconic Old Faithful geyser. A park news release says someone watching the geyser from Wisconsin called rangers Wednesday evening to tell them about the errant tourists. When the first park ranger arrived, she found about 30 people around the geyser's cone taking pictures. [...] Full article at For Brock. :D Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

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Endeavour's first commander reflects on shuttle's final mission -

Space Shuttle Endeavour has logged more than 103 million miles in space. Kennedy Space Center, Florida (CNN) -- As Space Shuttle Endeavour gears up for its 25th and final mission, its first commander is nostalgic but hopeful about the prospects of space exploration. "I will have a good size lump in the throat on Friday, if not a tear," Capt. Daniel Brandenstein said. Few outside the space community know Brandenstein, who was the commander on Endeavour's first flight in 1992. "The vehicle on its maiden voyage performed flawlessly," he said. [...] Full article at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

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The Cost of Being Poor | Business Pundit

As if the current job market and economy didn’t make it hard enough for low income households in America to make ends meet, it turns out that living below the poverty line is actually more costly in many respects as well. It not only takes money to make money, it also takes quite a bit of money to live in poverty. Our friends at Online Sociology Degree put together this graphic to illustrate how expensive it is to be a poor American.   [Source: ] via Thanks, @amymarinson. :) Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

247 On U.S. Terror Watch List Bought Guns In 2010 - ABC News

By JASON RYAN April 28, 2011 More than 200 individuals who were on the federal terrorism watch list passed background checks and were allowed to buy guns in 2010, according to a new government review. A review by the Government Accountability Office determined that 247 people on the watch list bought guns last year, and also showed that between 2004 and 2009, more than nine out of ten individuals on the list who tried to buy guns succeeded. "It defies common sense," said Sen. Lautenberg, D.-New Jersey, who requested the GAO report, "that people on the terror watch list continue to be cleared to buy weapons legally in the United States." Current federal law does not prohibit people on the terrorist watch lists from purchasing guns unless there is a prohibiting factor, such as being a fugitive, a felon, renouncing U.S. citizenship or suffering mental impairment. Sen. Lautenberg has introduced legislation that would close this loophole and prevent known

Join ICL for Wild Idaho! 2011

From: Idaho Conservation League Date: Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 11:56 AM Thursday, April 28, 2011 Register Online for Wild Idaho! 2011 It's not too late to share in the fun at Wild Idaho! 2011 . Join us at Redfish Lake Lodge May 20-22 for a weekend of learning, networking, laughing and supporting our work. Register now! Here's why you'll want to attend! This year's Wild Idaho! features presentations by former Gov. Cecil Andrus , author and wolf expert Carter Niemeyer, Sen. Mike Crapo , Senior Adviser to the Interior Secretary Steve Doherty , and BSU's Dr. John Freemuth , among others. We have new, longer field trips ! Plus, we always have a great time at Saturd

Getting out of my mind - drugs, yoga, meditation and me | elephant journal

Pull up a comfy chair my friend, I’m going to tell you a story. Once upon a time there was a strait-laced middle class girl completely opposed to drugs because Authority had told her they were Bad. And she  believed in Authority. Yet as she grew into her late teens and observed people around her drinking alcohol and smoking pot, What she’d been  Told and What she  Saw were two completely different things. What she  Saw was people having a whole lot of fun, while she was sitting on the sidelines all prim, proper, tightly-wound and  separate . And she didn’t want to be separate from everybody else, she too wanted to be relaxed, having fun, part of something bigger than herself. Not so much Peer Pressure then – she’d learned all about that in school and there was no way anyone would ever Pressure her into doing Anything. [...] Full article at I'm not sure I agree with the idea that the 'high' from yoga is essentially different than th

Discover an off-highway paradise in the Owyhees | Idaho Outdoors | Idaho Statesman

If you want to explore the Owyhee Desert and have a blast doing it, motorcycles and other off-road vehicles are the way to go. There’s a huge network of trails in the Walters Ferry and Murphy areas with hundreds of miles of singletrack, ATV trails and backroads. “It’s really prime time for riding,” said Terry Heslin, trails and travel management coordinator for the Bureau of Land Management. Riding in the desert provides a lot of different experiences. You can get an adrenaline rush on tight, rocky trails, scope out awesome vistas of vast open country, spot wildlife, or share an all-day ride with your family or buddies. Whichever experience you prefer, riders must be prepared to deal with some remote, unforgiving country. There are no services and help is a long ways away, so self-reliance is critical. Terrain varies from low-elevation sagebrush plains up to 8,000-foot peaks with lots of canyons, draws, buttes and other land features in between. Getting around in the vast co

Next Giant Leap for Space Tourism: A Trip Around the Moon | Private Spaceflight & Space Tourism | The Moon and Space Exploration

The Apollo 8 astronauts broadcast never-before views of the Earth and moon on December 24, 1968. CREDIT: NASA View full size image This story is part of a week-long series on the first decade of space tourism, which began on April 28, 2001. Also today on How space tourism is changing the face of suborbital science. Space tourism has already reached low-Earth orbit, and now the industry is shooting for the moon. After helping to send seven private citizens on eight trips to the International Space Station -- starting with Dennis Tito, who became the world's first space tourist on April 28, 2001 -- the Virginia-based company Space Adventures is mapping out a tourist trip around the moon. [...] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You can follow senior writer Mike Wall on Twitter: @michaeldwall . Follow for the latest in space science and exploration news on Twitter @Spacedotcom and on Facebook . Full article at  

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Kevin Richert: Say this for the ‘oathers’: They aren’t birthers | Opinion | Idaho Statesman

Today, I’m going to tick off the birthers. And many of the women I work with. OK, birthers. Enough already. Your fabricated flight of fancy of an issue is history. It is now yesterday’s news that never was. And please, fans of the royal wedding (this week’s great gender-gap issue around the newsroom). I know you care, and I know it’s romantic and all. But I’m trying not to care. And at the risk of immodesty, I’ve exceeded my own goal in that department. Talk amongst yourselves. Birthers, feel free to call me a gullible dupe. Fans of the royal wedding (or, may I call you “oathers”?), call me a jerk. Or — and the thesaurus will back you up on this one — call me a guy. But let me redeem myself, at least with the oathers. For the contrived purpose of a column, I am placing you — and yes, the overblown coverage of the royal wedding — in unfair company. [...] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kevin Richert: 377-6437 Full article at   Posted via email from Mo

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The Greenpoint Homewreckers/Schuler's Revenge

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6 Everyday Things that Happen Strangely In Space | Space Station Physics, Chemistry, and Biology | Weightlessness & Zero Gravity |

Credit: NASA Watched pots, as they say, never boil. Besides, even if they did, why watch them? You know exactly what boiling water looks like. [...] ~~~~~~~~~~~~ This countdown was provided by Life's Little Mysteries , a sister site to Follow Natalie Wolchover on Twitter @nattyover       Full article at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Brother Dan/Overnight Adventure

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No Sex in Space, Yet, Official Says | Sex & Human Sexuality | NASA, Astronauts & Human Spaceflight

Sex in space and on Mars missions carries its own unique risks. View full size image While humans have been a spacefaring species for more than 50 years, it's quite possible we have yet to perform that most basic of acts — sex — beyond terra firma. Yet. Rumors have long swirled that astronauts may have hooked up in orbit, perhaps even as part of secret sex-in-space experiments run by the Russian or American governments. But those stories are likely the product of overactive — and overheated — imaginations, experts say. A Russian space official, for example, has categorically denied any such weightless shenanigans by his countrymen, the news agency AFP reported Friday (April 22). [...] ~~~~~~~~~~~~ You can follow senior writer Mike Wall on Twitter: @michaeldwall . Follow for the latest in space science and exploration news on Twitter @Spacedotcom and on Facebook . Full article at   Posted via email

On Birth Certificates, Climate Risk and an Inconvenient Mind -

As Donald Trump tries to milk a last bit of publicity out of the failed “birther” challenge to President Obama, it’s worth reading a fresh take by an Australian psychologist on the deep roots of denial in people with fundamentalist passions of whatever stripe. Here’s an excerpt: [I]deology trumps facts. [...] Full opinion piece at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Sofia Greek Bistro

        OPENING THIS SUMMER! NEW GREEK RESTAURANT! Plantation Shopping Center between Big Lots & D&B Supply at State St. & Glenwood corner 6748 N. Glenwood St. Share this: Share Email Print via Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

E.T. call waiting | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine

If aliens call, who will listen? For the past couple of decades it’s been astronomers and engineers at SETI, the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence. But a desperate lack of funds has forced them to mothball their Allen Telescope Array, a group of 42 radio dishes in northern [...] Full article at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

To Our Callers

Those of you who choose to leave messages on the studio's voice mail during MOA should know that we don't hear them. If you need to get in touch with us your best bet is to go to the website and find your avenue of choice through which to contact us. We appreciate your input (of any kind). Those of you who chose this last weekend to leave what have been described as 'pretty nasty' messages might also want to consider that it's one thing for you to be rude and ignorant when you're speaking with us and our viewers - we realize we invite stupidity by opening the floor to anyone who might think they have something to say; we're prepared to take it all in good fun and viewers who find it offensive probably know where their remotes are - but it's quite another when you're talking to those who make it possible for you to have your air time. The station is changing over their phone system which resulted in some confusion last Saturday, but I can see in th

The Truth About Lying | Real Simple

Nato Welton From big whoppers to little white lies, almost everyone fibs on occasion. Here, experts reveal why. by Jenna Mccarthy Nearly any adult will tell you that lying is wrong. But when it comes to avoiding trouble, saving face in front of the boss, or sparing someone’s feelings, many people find themselves doing it anyway. In fact, more than 80 percent of women admit to occasionally telling what they consider harmless half-truths, says Susan Shapiro Barash, author of Little White Lies, Deep Dark Secrets: The Truth About Why Women Lie (St. Martin’s Press, $15, ). And 75 percent admit to lying to loved ones about money in particular. The tendency to tell tales is “a very natural human trait,” explains David L. Smith, Ph.D., associate professor of philosophy at the University of New England, in Biddeford, Maine. “It lets you manipulate the way you want to be se

'Annoying' Book Review - The Invidious Irritants That Irk Individuals

You get every bit as annoyed as I do by car alarms that never stop, fingernails screeching down blackboards, and a fly buzzing around your head. The prolonged whining of a child, your own or somebody else’s, drives you crazy. In other words, some annoyances are particular to the individual, some are universal to the species, and some, like the fly, appear to torture all mammals. If ever there was a subject for scientists to pursue for clues to why we are who we are, this is the one. And yet, as Joe Palca and Flora Lichtman make clear in their immensely entertaining survey, there are still more questions than answers in both the study of what annoys people and the closely related discipline of what makes people annoying. Mr. Palca and Ms. Lichtman — he is a science correspondent for National Public Radio and she an editor for the network’s “Science Friday” program — skitter all over the map in pursuit of their subject, and at first their progress seems peculiarly random, li

A New Generation’s Vanity, Heard Through Hit Lyrics

A couple of years ago, as his fellow  psychologists  debated whether narcissism was increasing, Nathan DeWall heard Rivers Cuomo singing to a familiar 19th-century melody. Mr. Cuomo, the lead singer and guitarist for the rock band  Weezer , billed the song as “Variations on a Shaker Hymn.” Where 19th-century Shakers had sung “ ’Tis the gift to be simple, ’tis the gift to be free,” Mr. Cuomo offered his own lyrics: “I’m the meanest in the place, step up, I’ll mess with your face.” Instead of the Shaker message of love and humility, Mr. Cuomo sang over and over, “I’m the greatest man that ever lived.” The refrain got Dr. DeWall wondering: “Who would actually sing that aloud?” Mr. Cuomo may have been parodying the grandiosity of other singers — but then, why was there so much grandiosity to parody? Did the change from “Simple Gifts” to “ Greatest Man That Ever Lived ” exemplify a broader trend? Now, after a computer analysis of three decades of hit songs, Dr. DeWall and other

Suburban woman is sued after elaborate online hoax

A photo of Batavia resident Janna St. James used on a blog identified in a suit as hers. Pendants surrounding her are similar to those she sells. (Janna St. James blog) By Steve Schmadeke, Tribune reporter 8:26 p.m. CDT, April 25, 2011 When the Colorado volunteer firefighter she loved died unexpectedly of liver cancer in 2006, Paula Bonhomme tenderly re-examined his gifts to her: a rubber duck with a firefighter hat, a lock of his hair, a flattened quarter he'd stuck on the train tracks as a kid. Most sentimental of all was the chain-sawed slab of wood Jesse Jubilee James had carved their initials into after helping extinguish a forest fire. His carving knife, he'd noted in black marker on the back, had first been "heated in (the) fire's ash." The couple's own passion was sparked in flirty exchanges on the message board for HBO 's "Deadwood" series in 2005. Soon they were trading emails, letters, postcards, photos and talking al

LiveMind - About LiveMind

LiveMind is an open marketplace for live online learning. Using the LiveMind platform and suite of services, anyone can create and teach a class on any subject, and offer it at any price, or for free.  People interested in learning can use LiveMind to find and take classes on their specific topics of interest.  You select classes and instructors based on class descriptions, instructor ratings and price.  All our classes are offered in live, online interactive sessions using state of the art tools and technology. [...] Full mission statement at This. Is. Awesome. It's an early incarnation of what's possible with on-line classrooms and may have failings, I don't know, haven't looked around much yet, but this is where education has to go, with all things available to all people, everybody learning things and teaching things (since that's really the best way to learn), letting people with good ideas rise on their own merit, letting peop

Internet rumors of Higgs boson - TIME

For days, now, the Web has been sizzling with news that the long-sought Higgs boson — the particle that theorists think gives other particles their mass — might have been discovered at last. The Higgs, also known as the "God Particle," was evidently hiding in a bunch of subatomic debris, like a robbery suspect crouching in a dumpster, at the European Large Hadron Collider (LHC) particle accelerator. Such astonishing news hasn't been heard in the physics community since ... last year, actually. That's the most recent time the Higgs might have been discovered (but wasn't) — in this case, at the Tevatron accelerator near Chicago. A month or so ago, meanwhile, an entirely different but equally amazing particle, which could have rewritten the laws of physics might have been discovered at Tevatron (but as far as we know, it wasn't). If there seems to be a theme here, there is — and it's not that particle physicists love to make dramatic claims for which

DA: Weight-loss doctor charged with sexually assaulting patients - CNN

A doctor at a Pennsylvania weight-loss clinic is scheduled for a preliminary hearing next week on charges that he sexually assaulted at least six female patients, according to the criminal complaint from the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, district attorney's office. [...] Full article at This isn't the kind of news I'd normally pass along, but it reminded me of an old-school cure for 'female hysteria' (no longer recognized as a disorder unless one realizes that it's essentially PMS, or if one likes the even newer name, PMDD) that lasted for centuries before someone apparently decided that maybe the docs were havin' too much fun. It is true that orgasm can in many cases help relieve menstrual cramps and that it brings a sense of relaxation and calm which would also likely be helpful with emotional symptoms (not to mention that it really does burn a lot of calories for such a little amount of work :D), so it's not li

Study justifies closing airports in volcano event - Yahoo! News

WASHINGTON – The disruptive closing of some European airports after last year's volcanic eruption in Iceland was the right thing to do and may have saved lives, a new study concludes. The hard, sharp particles of volcanic ash blasted high into the air could have caused jet engines to fail and sandblasted airplane windows to the point where it would be impossible to see out, according to a study led by Sigurdur Gislason of the [...] Full article at It's nice to see human lives take precedence over money from time to time. :) Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Inside zombie brains: Sci-fi teaches science -

In "The Zombie Autopsies," Dr. Steven Schlozman imagines a virus that strips the brain down to its basest levels. Zombie author and expert Dr. Steven Schlozman will join us for a Twitter chat at 12:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, April 26. Tweet your questions to @cnnhealth and follow along at #cnnzombies . (CNN) -- An airborne virus is rapidly turning people into zombies. Two-thirds of humanity has been wiped out. Scientists desperately look for a cure, even as their own brains deteriorate and the disease robs them of what we consider life. Relax, it's only fiction -- at least, for now. This apocalyptic scenario frames the new novel "The Zombie Autopsies" by Dr. Steven Schlozman, a child psychiatrist who holds positions at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital/McLean Program in Child Psychiatry. You might not expect someone with those credentials to take zombies seriously, but it turns out the undead are a great way

TIME Cover: No Hell? Pastor Rob Bell Angers Evangelicals - TIME

Rob Bell Brent Humphreys for TIME As part of a series on peacemaking, in late 2007, Pastor Rob Bell's Mars Hill Bible Church put on an art exhibit about the search for peace in a broken world. It was just the kind of avant-garde project that had helped power Mars Hill's growth (the Michigan church attracts 7,000 people each Sunday) as a nontraditional congregation that emphasizes discussion rather than dogmatic teaching. An artist in the show had included a quotation from Mohandas Gandhi. Hardly a controversial touch, one would have thought. But one would have been wrong. A visitor to the exhibit had stuck a note next to the Gandhi quotation: "Reality check: He's in hell." Bell was struck. (Vote on Rob Bell's influence in the 2011 TIME 100 poll.) Really? he recalls thinking. [...] Full article at "Is Bell's Christianity — less judgmental, more fluid, open to questioning the most ancient of assumptions — on an inexorab

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... Jimmy Bivens at The Curb if you're in the Treasure Valley (ID, USA) Wednesday night around 6:00PM and lookin' for a rockin' good show. :) Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Princess Diana gown exhibit comes to NH - Yahoo! News

PLYMOUTH, N.H. – As people get ready to celebrate the royal wedding of Princess Diana's son William, a collection of her gowns, stories and videos about her life is going on display in New Hampshire. The exhibit "Diana — The People's Princess" is being featured at The Common Man's Flying Monkey Movie House and Performance Center in Plymouth starting Monday. It ends May 8. [...] Full article at For Fruit and Tree. :) Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

How To Live To Be 100 - TIME

ENLARGE PHOTO+ August 30, 2004 TIME Cover: How to Live To Be 100 (And Not Regret It) Margaret Dell is 96, but you'd need to check the birth date on her driver's license to believe it. Sporting a baseball cap with a Harley-Davidson logo on it, she is the designated driver for her seventysomething friends who no longer feel comfortable behind the wheel. Last winter a snowfall threatened to keep her from her appointed automotive rounds. She took a shovel and cleared a path to her car. Driving keeps Dell young. That and knitting. She constantly knits. She makes baby booties and caps and blankets for friends and family whenever a baby arrives — the newborn getting an early blessing from the ageless. And every month, she donates several blankets to a charity for unwed mothers. Driving, knitting ... and tennis. She plays two or three times a week. She has a much younger doubles partner who "covers the court. I'm a little afraid to run too much because of the circula

Boy in high heels removed from class

RIVERVIEW - A pair of high heels got a Bay Area student sent to the principal's office after he wore them to class. "He likes the way they make him feel. They make him feel more confident, and he just likes to wear them," said Riverview High School senior Hayley Stepp, who says she's a friend of the student. Stepp says he's proud of who he is, but embarrassed now. "The first time he felt shame was when he was called out of school," said Stepp. A teacher called the principal's office. That teacher said the boy's shoes were disrupting the classroom. Principal Bob Heilmann says there was name calling. He asked the student to take off the heels. [...] Full article at The principal has no business taking a 'paternal role' with students, even if there's no father figure in their home, and it seems to me he made a bigger issue of it all by taking preemptive action against 'potential bullying'. Tha

Natural cures that really work -

Some natural home remedies have truth to them. ( ) -- Will placing a tea bag on a cold sore make it disappear? Can you ease hot flashes with herbs? And does putting yogurt on your nether parts have a prayer of curing a yeast infection? It used to be that you'd hear about these kinds of home remedies from your mom. These days, they're touted on websites, blogs, and online forums. In fact, 61 percent of American adults turn to the Internet to find help in treating what's ailing them, a 2009 study reveals. But do these natural moves actually work ... and, just as important, could they do more harm than good? Health asked medical experts to weigh in on the Internet's most popular home cures. The online claim: Yogurt can stop a yeast infection [...] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Copyright Health Magazine 2010 Full article at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

FDA Attempt to Regulate E-Cigarettes as "Drugs" Label Goes Up in Smoke

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. It seems the Food and Drug Administration agrees with Freud's alleged assertion, announcing today that it would regulate e-cigarettes as cigarette/tobacco products and not under more stringent drug-device guidelines. The news comes as a victory for e-cigarette manufacturers, who had been under FDA scrutiny since September 2010. At that time, the FDA sent a letter to five electronic cigarette distributors, claiming that their products were being marketed illegally, [...] Full article at Need I make the obvious observation regarding hypocrisy? Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Human terrarium, Biosphere 2, looking good at 20 - Yahoo! News

ORACLE, Ariz. – Jane Poynter and seven compatriots agreed to spend two years sealed inside a 3-acre terrarium in the Sonoran Desert. Their mission back in the 1990s: To see whether humans might someday be able to create self-sustaining colonies in outer space. Two decades later, the only creatures inhabiting Biosphere 2 are cockroaches, nematodes, snails, crazy ants and assorted fish. Scientists are still using the 7.2-million-square-foot facility, only now the focus is figuring out how we'll survive on our own warming planet. Next month, workers will begin a new chapter for "B2" — building the first of three enclosed soil slopes in what was once the "intensive agricultural biome," the space where Poynter and the other original "biospherians" grew the rice, sorghum, peanuts, bananas, papayas, sweet potatoes and lablab beans that supplied 90 percent of their nutritional needs. The new "Land Evolution Observatory" — a 10-year, $5 mi

Trump Dogged By Rumors His Hair is Not From U.S. « Borowitz Report

NEW YORK ( The Borowitz Report ) – A threat to the fledgling presidential campaign of Donald Trump emerged today, as a group of activists charged that Mr. Trump is not eligible to hold the nation’s highest office because his hair does not originate from the U.S. [...] Full article at :D Thanks to Jennifer. (I hope you're stayin' safe and dry down there.) Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

What We Do - Worldcrunch - All News is Global

The Mission Worldcrunch delivers the best global journalism previously shut off from English language readers: selecting, translating and editing content from top foreign-language outlets. The Method The most relevant foreign-language stories are produced in English by Worldcrunch staff and contributors around the globe, deployed to react quickly to breaking events and find the best content in the international media. We are also creating a platform, Crunch It! , to build a community of newshounds who will flag and help translate interesting stories from both mainstream media outlets and blogs, as well as produce stories of their own. The Vision With Worldcrunch , the great untapped resource of foreign-language news and information is hereby available. By combining professional journalistic standards with the energy of the web's flock of curious readers, writers and translators -- and building a framework for copyright access an