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Shout-out to these guys (and very lovely gal) for gracing our little Saturday evening soirée with their vocal presence . :) If you got to see  YACHT  at  Treefort Music Festival , lucky you, I have to say -  Lori picked them as a   fave  :)  - and if not, well, you can still catch tomorrow's acts and maybe, if we're real lucky, we can share some of their excellent tunage in the future. They are duly impressed with our little town and it's inhabitants. Their word for you was 'beautiful'. :) Thanks, too, to  the   San Diego high school   girls'   soccer team - don't know which school, sorry - that won two games here today, good on 'em (as much as I love our home teams :) ). It was fun talkin' to you young ladies, and I trust you're behaving yourselves at least as well as I would've at your age... or maybe for your parents' sakes I should say '... better than...' :D (Mary did have a little lamb, you know, but it's fleece was pr