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Energy of the Day Saturday, 04-11-09

The Ace of Pentacles brings a view of the journey ahead, with continuation and newness as today's watchwords. What will be brought forward and what will be replaced become apparent here as potential is revealed in partnerships and investments. Pleasure, satisfaction, and prosperity are the feelings to cultivate as we determine how best to move forward.

Energy of the Day Friday, 04-10-09

The Ten of Swords asks that we clear up unfinished business and stir up that which has become stagnant in our lives. Further progress is stymied until we give ourselves, our homes, our businesses, and our communities a good spring cleaning. Thoughtful communication is favored under this energy.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 04-09-09

The Seven of Pentacles brings a situation that causes anxiety or depression. We find ourselves reevaluating our goals or even our lives as a pause in progress creates a sense of dissatisfaction. Our choices here affect our material prosperity so as always attitude and intent matter a great deal, but patience is also of paramount importance since what we set in motion today will take considerable time to manifest.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 04-08-09

The Five of Pentacles finds us feeling self-doubt and confusion as unfortunate circumstances arise in love or business. An external influence brings upset and pressure, and our dealings with others result in a sense of loss and suffering. Thought and communication affect our material position in life under today's energy, making it more important than usual that we maintain control of our mental state and the expression thereof.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 04-07-09

The Five of Cups finds us depressed, exhausted, and reassessing our activities. We want something interesting to happen but we're not up to making our own fun. The question we'll want to ask ourselves here is what's worth paying forward.

Energy of the Day Monday, 04-06-09

The Four of Wands brings a smorgasbord of experiences, with highlights on relationships, communication, and travel. We feel ourselves acutely under this energy, and enlightenment is enhanced through participation with those who attract us most effortlessly. The best is made of this day when we allow spirit to lead us and strike while the iron is hot.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 04-05-09

The Four of Pentacles finds us in a conservative, hard-working frame of mind, focused on security and success. We seek to reduce waste and make every effort count, particularly where doing so contributes to a safer personal environment. What we put forth today has long-term consequences and rewards, and as difficult as it may sometimes be we'll do well to carefully monitor and control both intent and attitude in all we say and do.