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Energy of the Day Saturday, 10-31-09

The Eight of Wands brings expansion through movement, meetings, and long-distance communications. Romance is in the air, and new opportunities arise out of time spent away from home. Gatherings find us broadening our philosophies and teaching through self-expression.

Energy of the Day Friday, 10-30-09

The Five of Wands finds us seeking change in the realms of business and romance, and analyzing the pros and cons of our intentions. We're inwardly conflicted as suppressed desires seek to rise to the surface but reformation is found in the exercise of our personal integrity. Our best long-term return today arises from the expenditure of creative energy.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 10-29-09

The Three of Pentacles puts a focus on work, especially paperwork, and planning. Construction and practical applications of physical energy are key to making the most of today in terms of long-range career goals. Pay attention to words spoken in today's meetings and written in literature arriving by mail.

Energy of the Day Monday, 10-26-09

The Four of Wands brings a wide variety of experiences with emphasis on communication, relationships, and our desire to find enlightenment. Active participation, especially where a trip of some sort is involved, brings us noticeably closer to that which attracts us. Beauty is found today in the release of forward-thinking energy.