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Energy of the Day Saturday, 05-16-09

Justice highlights goals we're nearing, legal matters, and investments of time. Our attempts to understand the role of fate in our lives have us examining causes and their effects, especially in the areas of income and health. Where compromise is needed, this is the time to work at reaching it.

Energy of the Day Friday, 05-15-09

The Knight of Pentacles has us traveling for purposes of promotion or investment, but at the same time we're intensely focused on life, love, and finding happiness. Thought and communication take material form under this energy, and activities involving real estate and advertising are appropriate. It's easy to strike a balance between the mental and the physical today.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 05-14-09

The Lovers bring sudden and unpredictable changes and interesting experiences, particularly in the areas of love, friendship, travel, and personal property. Meetings and unions encourage examination of our choices and we find ourselves striking out in new directions. It's a good day to reorganize any areas in our lives and domains that could use an overhaul.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 05-13-09

The Seven of Wands brings clarity but also pressure, particularly related to work, schedules, and personal commitments. Timing is important when it comes to trips and finance, as well as affairs of the heart. Our will is directed toward action under this energy.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 05-12-09

The Star illuminates the need for faith in possibility. The future holds infinite potential and it's up to us to make of it what we're able. While the focus is on our friends, hopes, and dreams, the impact of today's choices are felt throughout our respective personal universes.

Energy of the Day Monday, 05-11-09

The King of Cups brings us someone who feels like family and focuses on the home. We move toward financial independence by taking care of domestic business, and we're blessed with daydreams of love and romance. Emotions run hot today.