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Energy of the Day Saturday, 04-18-09

The World card indicates the universal and long-ranging effects of today's energies, which bring a variety of experiences including everything from new opportunities to the development or magnification of blocks and restrictions. Travel, change, and physical concerns or activities are at the forefront, and organized gatherings support risk:reward scenarios. Where walls exist in our lives this is the time to decide whether their maintenance or their destruction will be more beneficial in the long run to ourselves and our loved ones.

Energy of the Day Friday, 04-17-09

The Hanged Man brings us pause, time to focus on our lives, our values, and our ways of thinking. We're experiencing a complete reversal of affairs and our dreams no longer seem valid. The past and it's trappings seem meaningless or obsolete, and our best bet for maintaining hope is to let go of what we want and allow what we have to be the best it can for us.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 04-16-09

The Ten of Cups has us getting away, from home, work, and worry. We seek to flee the dreary side of life and escape into our dreams, but we'll do well to keep a realistic perspective as we frolic in the waters of fantasy. Unusual relationships come to the forefront.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 04-15-09

The Ten of Cups puts the focus on impromptu departures from home and fleeing boring responsibilities. Relief from worry and relaxation from work are highlighted and unconventional relationships underscored. We act on our dreams today, but must be careful to avoid illusion.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 04-14-09

The Magician speaks of new beginnings, desires made manifest, and the urgings of love in our lives. Houses, property, and finance are at the top of today's priority list, particularly in terms of future investment. Thought, communication, and travel are favored under this energy.

Energy of the Day Monday, 04-13-09

Death brings endings and new beginnings, particularly in the areas of career, partnership, and state of being. New conditions and opportunities arise, potentially even a new lifestyle. It's up to us what we'll bring forward.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 04-12-09

The Three of Wands has us checking our beliefs through situations that test our faith, bringing promising unions and unexpected victories. Contracts with or documents from companies figure largely in today's activities and business ventures are favored. Our energy arises from within and we're sure of our own choices here.