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Wanna buy our house?

It's yours for $75,000 plus points and closing costs, as is. It needs a roof, a central air & heating unit and it could use new windows. (You'll probably want at least new screens unless you're like us and keep the mozzies out with a nice stick of satya sai baba nag champa incense in the kitchen window. So long as there are curtains across the front windows after dark they pretty much stay out from that side too.) There's a stud wall between the kitchen/dining room and living room areas, leaving the communal part of the house very open and ready to be remodeled to your tastes. There's no carpet except in one closet (we'll take that up if you like), so you can do what suits you with the floors as well. (The kitchen and bathroom floors are covered with linoleum for now, but we're considering taking that up, which will not affect the purchase price of the house.) The kitchen and dining room walls are covered with neutral and rather plain wallpaper that I do