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Energy of the Day Sunday, 10-12-08

The Seven of Swords tells us that energy is still shifting and a bit unstable, so we'll be best-served by an inward focus. Analysis of priorities regarding family, partners, and health concerns is at the top of today's list, with a relaxed approach to effort in any area allowing us to go with the flow when things take unexpected turns. Intuition and emotion run high here and dreams can quickly become nightmares unless we think before we speak or act.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 10-11-08

The Eight of Swords leads us into darkness with feelings of oppression, withdrawal, handicap, and deadlock. Health problems make themselves known and we're at higher risk than usual for accidents, both physically and intellectually. The goal here is to keep our attitude right in the midst of hardship and allow the greatest possible bounty to arise out of today's adversity.

"What if we're wrong?"

I think this is one of the most undervalued questions in our world today. Science offers a prime example of the limits of knowledge that's considered absolute, as it tries to adjust from year to year, month to month, even day to day to new awareness that once took decades or millennia to comprehend but floods in by the second with today's much more far-reaching technologies. Newton's laws of physics were once the end-all be-all of physical law; if it did not conform to Newton's laws then either your experiment was wrong or your calculations were. What we've learned in recent years to be true instead is that while there's a whole sector of the Universe that does indeed act in the way those laws predict, there are other sectors that do not, in any way; thus the birth of quantum physics, which led to a host of other quantum sciences which allow us to perceive, explain, and understand our Universe in ever-greater detail. Still, there are those scientists who insist

Energy of the Day Friday, 10-10-08

The Knight of Swords indicates that greater security can be had through wise decisions today concerning investments and partnerships. It's time to act on enterprises we've been considering, and time to communicate our thought processes, especially to those who can assist us in bringing them to fruition. We take a mental approach even to love under this energy, so if things need to be worked out in that arena this is the time to think, then talk, through them.

"It's not you...

... it's me." What if that's true in many cases, and what if we chose to accept it as such in any case in which it's humanly possible? How much easier could life be if we'd quit forcing people to tell us what's wrong with us when in fact nothing is. Or if something is we're dealing with it, or we're not, whatever, but isn't it possible that instead of something being wrong with us or us having done something wrong, that other person really did just have a bad moment (or whatever it is they say)? I find it makes my life easier to accept this explanation (although I often find it frustrating), but I also find that it doesn't hurt to examine my AssUM(e)ptions from time to time; maybe it's a better idea to press others to come up with a reason it can't just simply be 'them'. After all, if 'it's not you, it's me' is often true, the same would apply in my direction, it's probably 'me', and if indeed it is me

Energy of the Day Thursday, 10-09-08

The Seven of Wands tells us the pressure is on today with heightened energy in every arena, particularly those that naturally tend to carry extra weight like love, money, and commitments. Only by looking within can we know where it's appropriate to hold ourselves to our personal best standard and where we need to loosen up a little so the action can get underway. The heat is on, and it's up to us to determine the flavor of our lives; a little spice never hurt, but too much can be and often is overpowering.

Many Thanks

Our deepest appreciation to 'Chainsaw Tom' Wentz (contact me at for more information) for sharing his art and the process of making it with us, and through us with you. We are honored to know you.










Notable Goods live at Terrapin Station

Don't miss NotableGoods opening for Uncle Bud at Terrapin Station , 1519 W Main St, Boise, ID 83702, (208) 342-1776, Friday, October 10, 2008, starting at 9:00PM. Tip your band, bartenders, and waitstaff, and enjoy the show. The color is 'orange'. :) Love, Peace

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 10-08-08

The Queen of Swords suggests we could use the insight of an analytical, health- and service-oriented person in arenas in which we need or desire to learn. Science, philosophy, and technology are highlighted under this energy and where we can bring the three together we can create fundamental change. Today's research and development are particularly fruitful.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 10-07-08

The Seven of Swords brings an attitude of self-protection and a day of analytical introspection. We examine our priorities with regard to health and family and repair any instabilities and imperfections in the foundations of our lives, particularly in our partnerships. We may attempt to bring dreams into reality and a wish or two won't hurt, but the ethereal light is nebulous here and we'll do well to be cautious in our expectations.

Energy of the Day Monday, 10-06-08

The Four of Swords calls for active self-promotion, especially through printed materials, and reminds us to keep (or get, as the case may be) our commercial and financial paperwork in order. Anything we do under this energy to build or expand upon personal business interests promises beneficial returns. This is also a good day for attending to letter-writing and other social matters.