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Moonless Earth Could Potentially Still Support Life, Scientists Say

The moon has a stabilizing effect on Earth. Scientists have pondered whether such a large moon is also necessary for complex life. CREDIT: NASA View full size image Scientists have long believed that, without our moon, the tilt of the Earth would shift greatly over time, from zero degrees, where the Sun remains over the equator, to 85 degrees, where the Sun shines almost directly above one of the poles. A planet's stability has an effect on the development of life . A planet see-sawing [...] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This story was provided by Astrobiology Magazine , a web-based publication sponsored by the NASA astrobiology program . Full article at I find it very interesting that, after a lifetime of being told that the rest of the solar system has no measurable effect on our planet (therefore certainly nothing beyond it could, therefore astrology is hooey, which actually completely misunderstands how astrology works in the first pla

Speak up for the Smoky and Pioneer Mountains

From: Brett Stevenson, ICL Date: Wed, Sep 7, 2011 at 5:01 PM Wednesday, September 7, 2011 Idaho Conservation League Alert Peace, Thank goodness for public comment periods —our opportunity to weigh in on important decisions that affect our public lands. Travel Planning in the Smoky and Pioneer Mountains The Smokies and Pioneers comprise some of the most unique and diverse wildlife habitat in Idaho, making these mountain ranges fabulous areas for hiking, camping and hunting. Idaho is growing fast—adding the equivalent of a new Boise and a new Pocatello in the past 10 years. We need to plan ahead so that we can maintain our quiet, natural areas. 

Empowering Women Retreat 2011

From: Kim Lewis Date: Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 9:12 AM Empowering Women Retreat 2011 DATE: October 7 - 9, 2011 TIME: 6:30 Friday - noon Sunday LOCATION: Ashley Inn, Cascade ID COST: $150 per person/3 person room (includes 2 nights lodging, all meals and workshop materials) Workshops & Speakers     Kim Lewis - Develop Your Strengths .  We are all born with strengths that define who we are and what we will be. Uncover and discovering these strengths can make all the difference in our success. Join us to learn what you bring to the table and how to use these strengths/talents to achieve more than you ever imagined in your life!   Jaime Davis - Finding Equilibrium: How to Manage our Time and Create a Work-Life Balance . In finding equilibrium, we will discuss how to prioritize tasks; manage our time to work smarter, not harder; and find the proportionate balance between our personal and professional lives.   Judi Brawer - Leveraging Social Med

Josh Ritter/The Mostly Solo Mostly Acoustic Tour, DMB Caravan in NYC, and More

From: Josh Ritter Date: Sat, Sep 10, 2011 at 12:57 PM Hey everyone! Got some great news for some of you in the path of new tour dates, those of you near NYC (DMB Caravan rescheduled!) as well as new videos for all to enjoy.... * * * * * The Mostly Solo Mostly Acoustic Tour We are happy to announce that Josh has just added new tour dates for October and November that will have him out there performing solo (most of the time) acoustic (but no promises).  While most dates here are Josh solo, several of them will feature the "Trio" (Josh with Zack Hickman and Mark Erelli) - which are noted below! Most of these are on sale NOW.  So dig in! 10/05/11 - Austin, TX - Book People  (BOOK signing - info ) 10/06/11 - Asheville, NC - Malaprop's Bookstore  (BOOK signing - info ) 10/14/11 - Albany, NY - The Egg  (SOLO - tickets ) 10/15/11 - Port Washington, NY - Landmark on Main Street  (SOLO - tickets ) 11/11/11 - York, PA - The Capitol Theatre (TRIO show)  ( tickets ) 11/12/11 -

What Triggers MS in Kids? Pediatric Network and Other Sites Recruiting for Study of Environmental and Genetic Risk Factors : National MS Society

Sep 09, 2011 Investigators nationwide are recruiting 640 children with early relapsing-remitting MS or CIS (clinically isolated syndrome, a single episode of MS-like symptoms) and 1280 children without MS or CIS for a four-year study to determine environmental and genetic risk factors that make children susceptible to developing MS. The study, funded by the National Institutes of Health, leverages the National MS Society’s support of the Promise:2010 Pediatric Network of Centers of Excellence . Background: This study takes advantage of the collaborative efforts of the Pediatric Network. Although the initial grants end this year, there is funding through 2012 to support a data coordination and analysis center so the Network can continue to collect data and study pediatric MS and related disorders. The Network produced over 150 papers, posters and presentations on pediatric MS and network members are the lead authors and editors of a textbook on Pediatric MS from Cambridge Pr

John Nemeth's 2011 Fall Schedule/Thanks, Paul! :)

Hey Folks!     Here's that 'Hometown Boy Done Good' fella....John Nemeth from Boise. His fall schedule is packed! Thought I'd forward it to you....John is the cat that got me started singing blues, and fronting a band in 1998. If one of these shows is near you, don't miss this     R & B SENSATION and his incredible band!   Enjoy! Paul Peterson (Twin City Slim) Los Angeles CA 831-466-6245   Fall Tour Schedule Hey friends, Look out! We're a comin' coast to coast! Yep, one last big tour to wrap up the year. We are really looking forward to seeing you all very soon! Please spread the word and let's pack out all these fine festivals, theaters, clubs and juke joints! Thank you for your continued support! Yeah baby, John Here is my Fall Blues calendar, please check for updates: Sept 24, 2011 Hound Dog Blues & Music Festival Tulsa, OK Sept 25, 2011 The Crosswalk Hot Springs, AR Sept 27, 2011 Antone's Austi

Boise is buzzed: CNBC calls it the 4th-most caffeinated city in America | Boise, Garden City, Mountain Home | Idaho Statesman

CNBC will air “The Coffee Addiction” Thursday, a report looking at American’s coffee consumption. As a country, we drink about 400 million cups a day, the report states. [...] Full article at Glad I can contribute to one of the many awesome things about this area. :D Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Does YOUR body trust YOU?/Thanks, Julie!

There is lots of juicy conversation happening in my training this week and one of the questions that came up was really brilliant. It got me thinking really, really deeply about trust with our body – in particular my trust with my body. Does YOUR body trust YOU? Good question. In the world of intuitive eating, the terminology “listen to your body” and “trust your body” is often tossed around like it is just a matter of snapping your fingers and boom, you trust [...] Full article at EXCELLENT post. Posted via email from Moments of Awareness