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Energy of the Day Sunday, 09-28-2008

The Chariot has us continuing on our journey of introspection, causing us to ask 'this or that', 'will or won't' questions regarding confusing issues. It's time to reevaluate our passions and reexamine our affairs in light of current information, making sure to let our emotions guide but not control us. It's okay to be guarded as long as our walls don't hold us back.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 09-27-2008

The Knight of Wands has us at odds with ourselves over the important things in life: housing, work, partnerships, and love. Decisions are looming in all areas and we need to keep our paperwork in order. Choosing a direction won't be easy, but in the long run we'll be glad we did.

Energy of the Day Friday, 09-26-08

The Three of Pentacles puts the focus on career and paperwork, with words and goals at the forefront. Planning and the practical application of today's energy through such activities as construction, reading, and writing can be expected to yield good long-term results. We'll do well here to listen carefully and speak thoughtfully in any meetings we attend.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 09-25-08

The Star card has us focus on what is possible (all things), and asks us to engage our friends in seeing hopes and wishes to fruition. Faith is required to bring about the future of which we dream. Can we release our emotions and allow what will be to be?










Energy of the Day Wednesday, 09-24-08

The Three of Cups sets our sights on self-realization, social interaction, and spiritual awakening. Our awareness of those around us and their effects on us, particularly the animals in our respective worlds, is heightened under this energy. Love brings healing, and it must begin first with each of us loving ourselves.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 09-23-08

The Queen of Cups asks us to seek out a person who understands the likely end results of current actions. Magnetic romantic attraction is in the air as we work to get a point across to those around us. Research, particularly on the home and personal property, helps bring resolution to unseen issues.

Many Thanks

Big love to my family for joining us on tonight's show for little Dude's birthday party, and for spending such an enjoyable week with us. You're the best! :) (Ho-Ho's rule! ;))

Energy of the Day Monday, 09-22-08

The Chariot takes us to places unknown, where we question our existence from all sides. What are we passionate about, and what are our directions within those passions? This is a day to reevaluate everything through introspection and open-ended inquiry.