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Why women should feel good naked -

Why women should feel good naked -

Energy of the Day Sunday, 01-25-09

The Nine of Swords finds us back in a place of suffering as progress in implementing our ideals and supporting our causes seems blocked. Discord arises when plans are aborted as quickly as they can be conceived, bringing worry about the future. Our best bet for minimizing risk and maximizing reward today is cultivating mindful awareness that what is is what must be and taking action only where we've applied sufficient thought and taken care to communicate as clearly as possible.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 01-24-09

The Fool brings a breath of fresh air as all things seem new again and we find ourselves full of faith, hope, trust, and satisfaction. We believe today in all our highest ideals and that things can and will improve where improvement is called for. It's easy to see and understand here how choice, personal effort, and the Universe come together to create our life and times.

Energy of the Day Friday, 01-23-09

The Three of Pentacles has us focused on our work, construction plans, and other practical matters. Words, particularly where they're committed to writing, have far-reaching rewards or consequences today so we'll do well to use them as wisely as we're able. Meetings and any paperwork ought to be at the top of our to-do list, especially those directly related to our professional goals.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 01-22-09

The Ace of Swords finds us feeling pressure and anxiety related to communications from others. Tension easily turns to explosiveness as we find people responding to us in ways that frustrate our thought processes. We'll do well to be unusually thoughtful and non-confrontational in any correspondences today.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 01-21-09

The Tower has us focused on unexpected or devastating events, business and financial problems, and conflicts and separations. We lose faith in ourselves or our beliefs as we encounter bizarre people, circumstances, and (re)actions, and drastic measures are called for as our worlds are rocked at the very foundation. It behooves us here to seek peace wherever we can find it as a warring mentality stands at the forefront.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 01-20-09

The Magician brings new beginnings and infinite possibility through the power of thought and communication. Love's directives, houses and property, and future finance are all at the forefront as are desires made manifest. We'll do well where we can to mediate between business influences toward mutually beneficial solutions.

Energy of the Day Monday, 01-19-09

The Seven of Cups focuses on truth, hard spiritual experience, and life-altering events, particularly relative to work, friends, and loved ones. We feel confused, powerless, and inadequate as we're magnetically drawn to transformative influences. The Cosmos touches us with beauty that may well be hidden in apparent destruction.