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MOA Tonight

We listen to music and talk to people. Watch on cable channel 11 in the Boise area or on-line at . Watch previous shows  here , and check out the backgrounds  here . Join us here at MOA's Posterous group  for discussion throughout the week. :) This week's show will not be live, as MOA will be partyin' down in the Creek, rockin' out, and gettin' some sure-to-be-excellent footage. We'll be offering a repeat of our November 20th, 2010 broadcast featuring Jade and crew as well as Scotty Leaton's team's video from  TVCTV Kids Kamp  2007, and we'll be back live next week! Hope to 'see' you then. :) Bands listed at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

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Mountain biking trails for a hard guy (or gal) | Idaho Outdoors | Idaho Statesman

Dripping sweat stings your eyes and it feels like your femurs have turned to lead. The next switchback in the trail taunts you from above, and you pray it’s the last one. Your front tire wiggles and you try to keep it pointed straight up the trail so every precious ounce of energy propels your bike uphill. Mountain biking can be grunt work, but it also has its rewards. When you reach the top, you can look down across the landscape and know you got up there on your own power. And unlike a mountain climber, you don’t have to hike back down. It’s time to sit back and let gravity go to work. [...] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Roger Phillips: 373-6615 Full article at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

False Color Image of Volcano Sapas Mons |

About this Image This false-color image shows the volcano Sapas Mons, which is located in the broad equatorial rise called Atla Regio. The dark flows on the lower right are thought to be smoother than the brighter ones near the central part of the volcano. Many of the flows appear to have been erupted along the flanks of the volcano rather than from the summit. This type of flank [...] Full article at See also: Neptune   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Random Screen Grabs - July 9, 2011

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The new sports policy. "The more I can not cut"

The new sports policy. "The more I can not cut"   We agree that the balances were increased, but from what we understand the increase in sales is all done in the form of higher taxes. A drop in tax deductions means tax increases, it lacks everything that concerns the costs of politics. We hoped that after the announcement yesterday morning by an entry Tremonti important liberalization measures will go on like this but there seems, from what we read, that he saw a rule because there has been much milder the 'opposition from representatives of various professions in Parliament. And 'unacceptable. We have a little 'stew: there is a country that is falling apart and a group of people continues to rule protecting himself. The budget must be approved, there is no doubt, but there are problems when a move is approved so heavy, that leads to all sacrifices, to pensioners, public employees, businesses. Faced with a real sac

Ready to get out and about?

From: Idaho Conservation League Date: Wed, Jul 13, 2011 at 4:27 PM If you're having trouble viewing this message, click here to view in a browser ICL eBits Wednesday, July 13, 2011 Ski Idaho—in Summer? Idaho's ski areas offer a host of wonderful activities to take you through the summer. Hike, bike, pick berries—but head to your favorite ski area now!... Read more . Escape Velocity in the Dog Days of Summer! Do you ever wish you could get away from the busy heat of town but don't have much time? Or don't know where to go? Every Fourth of July, I wonder what to do: My dog does not weather fireworks well, and that's an understatement! This year, I ha

Concerts going on sale this weekend in the Treasure Valley |

Butthole Surfers: 8 p.m. Sept. 7, The Egyptian Theatre, 700 W. Main St., Boise. $30, at The Record Exchange, Boise Co-op or the Egyptian Theatre box office, 387-1273. $33 day of show. On sale at 10 a.m. July 15 Bar J Wranglers: 7 p.m. Oct. 19, Kuna Performing Arts Center, Kuna High, 637 E. Deer Flat Road. $15-$25. . On sale July 15 [...] Full article at OMG, I haven't listened to the Butthole Surfers in forever. How cool they're still jammin'! :) Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Udemy - Academy of You | Find and Create Online Courses

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Stinky Kudzu Bug Invades South | Invasive Species & Biocontrol | LiveScience

Kudzu bugs, which feed on the infamous vine, showed up in Georgia in 2009. CREDIT: D. Suiter, Univ. Georgia View full size image As if kudzu, the invasive "vine that ate the South," weren't trouble enough, one of its little friends from Asia has joined it in the United States . The kudzu bug, known formally as Megacopta cribraria, is a type of stinkbug that feeds the kudzu vine in its native Asia. While the invading vine is its favorite meal , the bug also attacks soybeans, and as it spreads from Georgia to neighboring states, there are fears it will broaden its palate and target other legume crops, including peanuts. Kudzu was brought to the East Coast more than a century ago to control erosion. Its quick growth wreaked havoc on the ecosystem: It smothers and strangles other plants, uproots trees and breaks branches with its weight. The bug appears to [...] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You can follow LiveScience senior writer Wynne

When a Sex Offender Isn't

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. After dating for a year, boy and girl have sex, and girl’s mother thinks they are moving too quickly. Girl’s mother calls the police, hoping they will scare boy and girl a little. Instead, boy is arrested and put on the Texas sex offender list, since he is 19 and she is 16, which is a year shy of the state’s age of consent. Boy avoids jail, is put on probation, and is forced to move out of his home, because law says he can’t live in the same house as his 12-year-old sister. Eventually, boy and girl get married, have four daughters, and, 15 years later, boy is still a registered sex offender, who is not allowed to coach his children’s soccer teams, get a job at a major corporation or leave the state without registering with law enforcement. Sarah Wilson for Marie Claire Magazine Frank Rodriguez, far right. At left, his wife, Nikki, and daughters Francesca, Layla, Maia, and Analissa. That is the tale of Frank Rodriguez and his wife, N

Danger of GM Salmon Escape to Wild Gene Pool | Science Blog

If genetically modified Atlantic salmon were to escape from captivity they could succeed in breeding and passing their genes into the wild, Canadian researchers have found. Their research, published in Evolutionary Applications, explores the potential reproductive implications of GM salmon as they are considered for commercial farming. [...] Full article at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Idaho's online course requirement for graduation could drop to 2 | Education | Idaho Statesman

The State Board of Education will consider requiring Idaho students to take just two of the 46 courses they need to graduate online. That’s the recommendation of an ad hoc subcommittee the board tasked with the question earlier this year, said Luci Willits, a staffer for state schools chief Tom Luna. [...] Full article at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Local development club is churning out some serious cycling talent | Sports | Idaho Statesman

Ten years ago, Douglas Tobin founded a Treasure Valley youth cycling club known as the Boise Young Riders Development Squad to provide kids an outlet to explore the sport. In June, B.Y.R.D.S. came up big as Kristo Jorgenson, Grace Alexander, Ethan Reynolds and Matteo Jorgenson won individual titles at the USA Cycling National Championships in Augusta, Ga. Jorgenson and Alexander also qualified for the 2011 UCI World Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark, in September and will spend parts of this summer training with the U.S. national team. Reynolds is scheduled to compete in the Twilight Criterium in Downtown Boise on Saturday. Tobin, a former amateur racer, had a vision when he started the club 10 years ago, and now that vision seems to be paying off. B.Y.R.D.S. produced 10 national champions in the past four years, but this year’s four titles are the most in one year. [...] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alex Calinsky: 672-6761 Full article at   P

Natural pain relief from poisonous shrub | Science Blog

An extract of the poisonous shrub Jatropha curcas acts as a strong painkiller and may have a mode of action different from conventional analgesics, such as morphine and other pharmaceuticals. Details of tests are reported in the current issue of the International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology . Omeh Yusuf and Ezeja Maxwell of the Micheal Okpara University of Agriculture in Umudike, Nigeria, explain how J. curcas , also known as the “physic nut” is a perennial shrub that grows to 5 meters in height and belongs to the Euphobiaceace family. It is native to Central America but grows widely in other tropical and subtropical countries of Africa and Asia. The plant’s fruit is combined with the stem bark of Cochlospermum planchonii in Nigerian medicine for treating diabetes mellitus and is also used traditionally as a painkiller. Other medicinal activities have been reported. The plant’s seeds have been used for making soap, candles, detergent

E. Idaho woman healthy again after foreign surgery | Idaho | Idaho Statesman

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Heather Cody is proof that you really can turn back the clock. Two years ago, the 45-year-old counselor was a different woman. She looked tired, worn thin by years of chronic hip pain. She couldn't dance, or at least not for very long. Even simple day-to-day tasks were exhausting. She used a cane to help her get around. Cody, now 47, looks younger now than she did back then. The fatigue has left her smile. She dances. She hikes and skis. The cane is gone. [...] Full article at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Why You're Paying More to Breathe | Mother Jones

PHARMA'S NEXT BIG PROBLEM The drug companies claimed to have spent more than $1 billion on this transition , so they weren't happy when scientists raised concerns about hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), the group of gases used in the new inhalers. These propellants don't harm the ozone layer, but they are powerful greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. In light of this, several researchers and one generic drug company argued that phasing out the old CFC-based inhalers didn't make environmental sense—especially given the higher prices asthma patients would have to pay for their medicine. THE NEXT BRILLIANT SOLUTION But not to worry: The pharma consortium transformed from primarily an R&D outfit searching for substitutes for CFC-based inhalers into a lobbying group intent on eliminating the old inhalers. It set up shop in the K Street offices of Drinker Biddle , a major DC law firm. Between 2005 and 2010, it spent $520,000 on lobbying . (It pro

Scientists discover first gonorrhea strain resistant to all available antibiotics | Science Blog

An international research team has discovered a strain of gonorrhea resistant to all currently available antibiotics. This new strain is likely to transform a common and once easily treatable infection into a global threat to public health. The details of the discovery made by Dr. Magnus Unemo, Dr. Makoto Ohnishi, and colleagues will be presented at the 19th conference of the International Society for Sexually Transmitted Disease Research (ISSTDR) which runs July 10-13 in Quebec City, Canada. The team of researchers successfully identified a heretofore unknown variant of the bacterium that causes gonorrhea, Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Analyzing this new strain, dubbed H041, allowed researchers to identify the genetic mutations responsible for the bacterium’s extreme resistance to all cephalosporin-class antibiotics—the last remaining drugs still effective in treating gonorrhea. “This is both an alarming and a predictable discovery,” noted Dr. Unemo of the

The Mothers Institute: About Us

Mission Statement The Mothers Institute is a non-profit educational and networking organization working to unite the Anti-War, Pro-Peace Mothers' Movement. At the heart of the organization is the philosophy and practice of the non-aggression principle: "We oppose the initiation of force or fraud." About Our Founder and Director Jan Stover is founder and director of The Mothers Institute. As a long time advocate of limited government and individual freedom, Jan has more recently embraced the philosophy and practice of the non-aggression principle. As such, she opposes the initiation of force or fraud. She has served as the Illinois representative for Mothers Against the Draft and  is currently serving as the Convention Committee Chairperson for the 2011 Libertarians for Peace and Prosperity Convention. During and after her years as a stay-at-home mom and home educating parent, Jan worked as a publisher, editor and writer for a variety of local and

NASA watches for space junk that could threaten shuttle, space station -

Final shuttle rendezvous Kennedy Space Center (CNN) -- NASA is tracking a piece of space debris that could come close to the space shuttle Atlantis and the International Space Station this week, the agency said. Data indicates that the point of closest approach would occur about midday Tuesday, the same day as a scheduled space walk by shuttle crew members, according to Leroy Cain, deputy manager of the shuttle program. "However, we don't really have a good (probability of collision) on it yet," said Cain, who cautioned that the size of the object is still not known. The debris, part of satellite COSMOS 375, is one of more than 500,000 pieces of debris tracked in Earth's orbit, according to NASA. [...] Full article at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Chase forecloses on Oregon soldier

From: Jess Kutch, Date: Sat, Jul 9, 2011 at 7:24 AM Tell Chase: Don’t foreclose on soldier’s family Dear Peace, In one month, soldier Aaron Collette will return from Iraq for two weeks’ leave. By the time he does, he won't have a home -- and neither will his family. Tim Collette, Aaron's dad, did everything right. He put $100,000 down on his home in Bend, Oregon, when he purchased it in 2006.  In 2008, after the economic crisis devastated his small flooring and countertop business, Tim realized he needed a loan modification and went to Chase Bank for help.  Chase told him he had to miss two payments to qualify for a loan modification. But once Tim did that, they began foreclosure proceedings instead of helping him.  Local non-profit Economic Fairness Oregon has been helping Tim stand up to Chase, but they need a surge in public support right now to save his home.  Please sign their petition to help Tim and his family ke

Our View: For Idaho’s cash-starved schools, a technological epic fail is not an option | Editorials | Idaho Statesman

How difficult should it be for a state to set up a data system to track students from kindergarten to graduation? A system that measures student test data and makes sure the state’s scarce school budget dollars accurately sync with real-time enrollment? How hard can it be, really? Forty-nine states have managed to pull it off. Of their own accord — and without hand-holding and strong-arming from the federal government. Yes, we’re No. 50. [...] Full ariticle at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Don't let Exxon ruin the Rockies

From: Patrick Schmitt, Date: Sun, Jul 10, 2011 at 10:01 AM Don't ruin the Rockies: Stop Big Oil's massive megaloads Dear Peace, On Saturday, ExxonMobil spilled more than 42,000 gallons of oil into Montana's Yellowstone River. Officials can't even calculate the effect the pipeline spill will have on wildlife and local businesses, like fisheries. Yet even as its oil seeps downriver, Exxon is pressing forward with its unsafe plan to continue rolling "megaloads" along Highway 12 through Montana and Idaho.  Already, Exxon's megaloads -- three-story, 200-foot long trucks carrying 650,000 pounds of equipment -- have snapped power lines, stopped traffic for hours at a time (blocking emergency vehicles in the process), and forced forest supervisors to cut trees to widen the road for their passage. Montana non-profit All Against the Haul works with dozens of citizens’ groups, environmentalists, small business

Quick Action Helps Google Win Friends in Japan

KESENNUMA, Japan — An oddly equipped car made its way last week through the rubble in this tsunami-stricken port city. On the roof: an assembly of nine cameras creating 360-degree panoramic digital images of the disaster zone to archive damage. It is one of the newest ways that Google, a Web giant worldwide but long a mere runner-up in Japan’s online market, has harnessed its technology to raise its brand and social networking identity in this country. Google was also quick in the early hours of the disaster to assemble a Person Finder site that helped people learn of the status of friends and relatives affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Analysts say it is too soon to tell whether Google’s efforts have translated into a larger share of search or online advertising since the quake. But in a country with the world’s second-largest online advertising market, after the United States, and where in the past the company has made serious blunders and raised privacy concerns in