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Energy of the Day Saturday, 06-27-09

The Five of Pentacles brings misfortune, confusion, and external pressure, especially in love, business, and marriage. Self-doubt arises as we find ourselves challenged in trying to deal with others and with losses brought about through unfortunate circumstances. The language we use with those who upset us now determines the flavor of what grows out of today's encounters.

Energy of the Day Friday, 06-26-09

The Ace of Cups finds us interested in creative endeavors, fresh ideas, and our own satisfaction. We seek love and pleasure, illumination, and new beginnings. Inspiration arises from our emotional, intuitive selves.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 06-25-09

Temperance tells us we're to be tested today on everything we thought we'd gotten a handle on. Old friends and lovers, habits, desires, and money, health, and business issues arise, giving us the opportunity to see that they're put away properly. Reviewing things in light of the bigger picture here allows us to apply philosophical thought to any lingering problems.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 06-24-09

The Ten of Swords asks us to clear up unfinished business and stagnancy in our lives in order to allow us to make further progress. The focus is on ourselves, our homes and families, our businesses, and our communities. This is the time to make course corrections as we finish one cycle and commence with the next.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 06-23-09

The High Priestess asks us to find a place of balance and wait patiently for learning to come to us. Trade and negotiations take precedence, particularly those related to public activities. Our finances will benefit from the assimilation and practical application of new knowledge gained here.

Energy of the Day Monday, 06-22-09

The Eight of Wands puts the focus on expansion, movement, and romance. Gatherings open doors to new opportunities, particularly for broad-minded philosophical self-expression. Time spent away from home and long-distance communications bring good fortune.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 06-21-09

The Three of Swords brings focus to strife and adversity surrounding personal relationships, business delays, and external influences. Separation creates disappointment under this energy, but marriages and partnerships benefit in time from intentional commitments made today in light of and despite any challenges. This is a good time for us to restructure, rebuild, and renew through straightforward self-expression.