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Energy of the Day Sunday, 06-07-09

The Three of Pentacles has us focused on plans, paperwork, and career goals. Meetings bring constructive communication regarding the most practical ways to put our plans into motion. Today's words and activities will have tangible results down the line, so it's best to choose them carefully.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 06-06-09

The Eight of Wands has us expanding and moving, finding new opportunities through gatherings and long-distance communications. Time spent away from home boosts our romantic energy, and meetings help us expand our mental horizons. Broad-minded philosophical conversations, especially regarding teaching technologies, run throughout the day.

Untitled, or Catharsis

An Open Letter to: My dearest Robert David, I went out my door that morning and you were standing there in the ditch with your back to me, leaning on your shovel wearing a brown button-down shirt with the collar turned up, camouflage board shorts, socks and work boots, and your John Deere baseball cap turned backwards and pulled down low front and back. In that moment, my entire being sang, and soared, and lit up, and started to hum and throb. I didn’t know your name, I hadn’t seen your face, I knew absolutely nothing about you except that I loved you, all-consumingly. Eventually I saw your beautiful face, I heard your melodious voice, I watched you work, I listened to you talk, I was finally introduced, and at every turn that humming intensified. We’d run into one another here or there, and every time you opened your mouth if you didn’t make me laugh you surprised me with wisdom of great depth that you spoke as though it ought to be common knowledge, or you simply made me

Energy of the Day Friday, 06-05-09

The Hanged Man asks for patience as our lives are thrown into reverse and we're called upon to reevaluate everything. Our dreams seem hopeless and our successes feel obsolete as the meaning we seek eludes us. We'll do well here to let emotion wash over and through us, absorbing from it what we can about our best direction forward and necessary changes in our ways of thinking.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 06-04-09

The Strength card tells of challenges we face today stemming from past issues regarding business and family matters. Spiritual fortitude is called for as we find our way back to the beginning, and we're rewarded for effort and persistence. We'll do well to engage where we find our creative urges pleasurably inspired.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 06-03-09

The Four of Wands brings a myriad of experiences, with relationships, communication, and travel getting the bulk of our attention. The urge to search for truth and understanding calls us to participate in anything that attracts us today. Sparks fly, and we're energized by what is both beautiful and practical.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 06-02-09

The Six of Cups brings changes of and in our environments, short trips, and nostalgic contact with friends, lovers, and relatives. Work for which we are financially compensated is at the forefront of our thoughts as we go about a day full of comings and goings. The shadowed corners of our souls are illuminated and if we allow it refreshed and transformed under this energy.

Energy of the Day Monday, 06-01-09

The Nine of Swords finds us suffering for a cause, feeling blocked just as we're getting started, and worried over the future. Discord brings a sense of deprivation and stymied progress creates anxiety. Our words carry physical weight today, so we'll do well to wield them wisely.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 05-31-09

Moments of Awareness apologizes for our brief, unannounced Energy of the Day hiatus. We hope to be back to business as usual going forward. Thanks for your patience. :) Love, Peace The Ace of Cups brings fresh starts, new ideas, love, and creativity. We are inspired by what is illuminated, particularly in terms of what brings us pleasure and satisfaction. What we bring forward from today, for better or worse, arises out of emotion and intuitive thinking.