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MOA Tonight

Event Details We listen to music and talk to people. The number is 1-208-343-1100. Watch live on cable or on-line and give us a call between 10 and 11PM MT, watch previous shows here , and check out the backgrounds sans show  here , now in HD. More info at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Whack the Weiner

Huh. So he says he wants a leave of absence to get help (for his sexting, when really the problem is that he engaged in actions of which his wife and his employers disapprove; sexting between consenting adults is no one's business but he might want to address the issue of why his wife was unaware of the nature of these relationships and get a job where they're willing to stand up for their employees' right to a non-work-related life), and we, or our representatives, call for his resignation. I don't know why a person hoping to have a military career might be reluctant to seek help for their PTSD, or why an addict with a job and a family might be reluctant to enter rehab, or why anyone whose reputation could affect their ability to support themselves and their life choices might try to hide a behavior upon which society frowns rather than seeking support in keeping it in check if it is in fact destructive at some level. It's not like we're prone to throwing peop

The G.O.P.'s Jon Huntsman, Reluctant Mormon

Jim Cole/Associated PressJon Huntsman at a festival in Berlin, N.H., on June 4. Politicians are trained from the time they mouth their first public lie to be reflexively certain about everything. So it was startling and certainly encouraging to hear Jon Huntsman sound less than convinced the other day about the God of his Mormon upbringing. “That’s tough to define,” he said, when asked whether he still belonged to a church whose founding tenets are based on golden tablets discovered by a teenage boy in upstate New York. In Utah, the state named one of the best-managed in the country while Huntsman was its governor, his equivocating was a major news story. He’s showing doubt! The shame. And in Iowa, a state Huntsman said he would skip in the Republican nominating process because he doesn’t believe in the farm and ethanol subsidies that are sacrosanct there, Secretary of State Matt Schultz was harshly critical of him for “distancing himself from his Mormon faith.” [...]