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Energy of the Month

Aries [update for all links (February 4, 2104):  MOA T & A Glossary ] You won’t burn through all the moisture no matter how hot and bright you flash this month, so be your vibrant, electric self with aplomb and enjoy relative freedom from the constraints of propriety that often bind. Contrary to appearances, you’re feeling your way through as much as anyone else right now. So long as you keep in mind the golden rule, “Do unto others as you’d have done to you,” your words and deeds will strike at the heart of truth we so need to find without creating excess damage and you know the old adage, “The truth shall set you free.” Just be aware that sometimes what we’re freeing ourselves of is something we think we meant to hold onto and try to let go graciously. The space will be filled in time. Taurus All this letting go wouldn’t be so bad if once we released a thing we were done with it, but it all just keeps coming back. If you had your way things, when they moved, would always

Energy of the Month

Water  [update for all links (February 4, 2104):  MOA T & A Glossary ], water everywhere; drink your fill, for the droughts can always come again. Cleanse yourself, satiate yourself, immerse yourself, then find a warm place where you can air dry in the sun , let the moisture really penetrate. Leo 's Sun will be hot, and Cancer asks us to see to our future security, to get prepared. We may practice a water-abstinence discipline for some time before going out into the desert to meditate, but when we reach the oasis we take it in in every way possible, fill up our goatskins, make sure our camels drink... as soon as we've assured it's not toxic, which brings us to the Crab's other side. The part of security we may be missing under this energy is seeing the present as it really is. Everything looks a little 'trippy' just now, maybe a little rosy or maybe we just think so. We're seeing things in new ways right now, ways that may have us feeling a little in

Sister Found

Rachelle  [updated link (February 4, 2014): Rachelle Strauss ] came into an email group of which I am a member ( Natural Family Life ) shortly after it got rolling, and her introduction made me sit up and take notice. As a Gem/Lib/Gem  [updated link (February 4, 2014): MOA T & A Glossary ] she's a wordsmith by nature, but it was her attitude, her light that drew me. There was something in it I recognized. Time went along as it is wont to do and at some point we started talking off-list. I found her to be wise and open, not only able but willing to delve into any subject with zeal and veracity, contradicting me when she felt the need as freely as she supported me where we agreed. Time continued going on as we explored our respective lives, sharing amazing likenesses and fascinating differences, learning and growing along the way often by leaps and bounds. Time came when there wasn't as much time for either of us and things went quiet a while, with just the occasional, "

Common Buckeye Butterfly

Junonia coenia on Coreopsis Bloom I'm always interested in the proper names of these plants and critters if you happen to know. Please feel free to email me. :->