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Energy of the Day Sunday, 05-10-09

The Seven of Pentacles asks of us patience as we find ourselves faced with an anxiety-inducing pause in progress. This day of dissatisfaction and depression is best used to reevaluate our goals, our dreams, even our lives. We're sowing the seeds of our future manifestations under this energy and will do well to pay close attention to what we're planting and how.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 05-09-09

The King of Wands tells of a fiery, self-assured individual from whom we can take some tips on excellence. Our ambitions are strong today, particularly in business and development, with finance and construction being our focal points. Planning for the future is useful, but we must understand that even as we're dealing with others we'll be standing alone.

Energy of the Day Friday, 05-08-09

The Emperor brings something new, whether a built object, a partnership, or even a whole lifestyle. Construction is favored here as is anything we can do to solidify important aspects of our lives, formulating plans for the future as we go. We know who we are under this energy and use that understanding to everyone's advantage in our personal contributions to the wider world.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 05-07-09

The Nine of Cups brings emotional events related to personal affairs and material well-being. Food (for mind, body, and spirit) and shelter have been our top priorities in this recent cycle and here we see what we've manifested coming together. Today's focus is on love, career, health, and security, and following our dreams leads us toward bounty.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 05-06-09

The Six of Cups brings focus to necessary environmental changes, especially in our work spaces. We're in and out today, seeing friends, lovers, and relatives, and nostalgia is high on the list of topics under this energy. Employment and the security of those who come after us influence our choices here.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 05-05-09

The Four of Wands brings a myriad of experiences, with relationships, communication, and travel among our top priorities. We're searching for enlightenment here, and getting involved wherever we're appropriately able is one of our best routes toward that goal today. Sparks of magnetic beauty fly and where we each manifest our unique best energy we serve to open ourselves in areas where luck has been elusive.

Energy of the Day Monday, 05-04-09

The King of Wands brings us into contact with a fiery sort who has a clear understanding of who he or she is from whom we can, if we will, learn a thing or two. We are with others today yet we stand alone with our ambitions, particularly in the realms of business and finance. Planning, construction, development, and what is to come are at the tops of our lists under this energy.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 05-03-09

The Seven of Swords has us focused on any uncertainty or instability in our lives, and on our own efforts toward perfection. We find ourselves examining our priorities, particularly with regard to self-protection, family members, partners, and our health. Introspection serves us well today, as does making the most of emotional connections to our friends.