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Random Thoughts from August 4-October 31, 1999

Is it just me, or is there suddenly a pill, spray, potion or powder for everything? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's funny, isn't it, how the vast majority of humans engaged in the search for life as we know it are looking for life like no life ever seen on this planet, compleatly overlooking that life as they know it may Be just that, exactly as they know it... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Technology is good. Humanity, the human specie, is a natural part of evolution. (Otherwise there would Be no humans, right?) The things that have Been brought about by humanity, like highways, buildings, computers and combustion engines are no more wrong or bad or evil than the stick the chimpanzee sticks into the termite mound in order to get a meal. The problems surrounding these inventions come when the inventors use them with arrogance, without respect. Humanity AssUMes that it's impact on the physical world is profound, and it is correct when it is speaking in terms of it's effect on humanity'

Random Thoughts from January 18-August 4, 1999

What page out there isn't changing? I'll tell ya what page... The one you keep going back to for the answer to that very compelling question. The problem is that said answer was promised to Be coming very soon way back in 1996 and there's not been a single sign of it... (This also applies to long-awaited photos, life updates, vital information... You name it, it's not showing up.) In the spirit of keeping up with the jonesin', er Joneses, this page right here, the one you're lookin' at, is often left for long periods of time to fall into a state of stagnation, rot and decay. We here at Moments Of Awareness like to consider our Selfs hip, forward-thinking, with as great an ability to put things off as the next ten WWWeb site owners. Thanks for visiting. :-> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I had a backup when my hard drive crashed. However, it contained two, three, and very occasionally four of each email in my various and sundry mailboxes. For those of you out there who

Random Thoughts from January 18, 1999 and Before

Sometime when you have an hour... or two... think about these things: American government is currently leading us down a road to criminalisation of tobacco. These measures are being taken on the grounds that tobacco is a health risk to those who use it, and in certain circumstances to those who live long-term with those who use it. On the other hand, there is another legal narcotic - alcohol. This one is being heavily taxed, but there is no push for outright criminalisation, even though alcohol raises testosterone levels, lowers inhibitions, and figures prominently in the vast majority of violent crimes committed - the violent crimes for which many are currently in jail or prison. Some remind us of the violence and gang wars of the Prohibition, saying that's an ineffective means to the end of alcohol... They're right, but why then do we have so many non-violent 'criminals' residing in jail or prison today, rounded up under the laws of another Prohibition, one involving