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Energy of the Day Sunday, 11-16-08

The Three of Pentacles has us meeting and planning, reading and writing. We're focused on laying the foundation and building the framework for future endeavors, especially in business, and seeking the most practical applications for our energy. It's a good day for catching up on paperwork and going through and responding to any mail we've got set aside.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 11-15-08

The Eight of Swords speaks to binding, blinding handicaps, accidents, and deadlocks. Feelings of restriction and being caught in limbo arise, with hardship coming not from having too few, but too many choices. We find ourselves adrift in the nothingness of infinite possibility and called upon simply to wait for our fate to shake itself out.

Midwives Say Home Births Are Up, Despite Warnings -

Midwives Say Home Births Are Up, Despite Warnings -

Rep. Brad Sherman Martial Law

Energy of the Day Friday, 11-14-08

The Three of Cups keeps us focused on improving ourselves and therefore our worlds, with an eye to the animals in our lives and their effect. We're able to put our feelings into words today and what we can learn about those with whom we surround ourselves by doing so will teach us much about who we are. It's important to take the time we need when we need it.










Energy of the Day Thursday, 11-13-08

The Nine of Pentacles calls upon us to mediate and revitalize where such actions are warranted, particularly in the business realm. Any actions we can take toward our own advancement are favored, and the things to which we are magnetically attracted are useful in today's self-analysis. It's a good idea under this energy to seek out areas in which we can be of service, especially at a corporate level.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 11-12-08

The Hanged Man brings a sense of hopelessness or meaninglessness in which we question our dreams and our visions seem obsolete. This is an opportunity to practice patience as we wait for clarity and assistance regarding matters of emotion and intuition. We appear to be experiencing a complete reversal in terms of our lives, values, and beliefs; whether this is the case or not we are best served remaining calm and keeping our heads above water until the deluge passes and any actual change it brings has begun to settle in.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 11-11-08

The Judgement card indicates a test by fire and fundamental change. New relationships and business ventures benefit from improvements in both conditions and choices as we begin to understand our purpose and adjust our thinking and habits accordingly. We can save ourselves a great deal of grief by holding our tempers and applying objectivity in potentially tense situations.

Energy of the Day Monday, 11-10-08

The Seven of Cups has us seeking the power in truth. Our lives are altered today through gut-wrenching spiritual experience brought on by feelings of inadequacy and confusion. What attracts us may destroy us, but if we'll allow it destruction inevitably leads to transformation, even evolution.