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Energy of the Day Sunday, 02-08-09

The Six of Cups has us getting out and about, especially for short trips, and focusing on work, friends, and loved ones. Nostalgia is strong today and we seek changes in our environment. The mysteries of life are illuminated here but things are likely to change as soon as we think we have a handle on them so it's a good idea to maintain flexibility where we find ourselves wanting to be most rigid.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 02-07-09

The Knight of Swords directs our focus to financial security, moving up in the world, and choices related to partnerships. Our minds and tongues are quick, facile, and expressive under this energy, and we'll do well to invest in business activity, particularly where we've made previous commitments or have intended to explore new territory. It's a good day to let ourselves be seen where the opportunity presents itself.

Energy of the Day Friday, 02-06-09

The Four of Cups brings physical and spiritual concerns together as we focus on health, desire, and purpose. It's a good day for examining our wants and obsessions in light of our abilities in order to discern what works most in favor of our overall well-being. Intuition guides us toward the best application of time and materials as we seek to shore up the foundations of our homes and families.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 02-05-09

The Magician opens our eyes to the infinity of possibiities before us, and to the desirable aspects of the universe we've already brought into existence. Houses, property, finance, and the call of love are at the forefront of today's thought processes, and it's a good day for the expression of self. Communication with merchants and businesses is called for where they can be expected to work in our future interest.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 02-04-09

The Five of Swords finds us feeling distressed by problems and struggles we didn't foresee, especially in the areas of work, love, and health. Depression leaves us drained of the energy we'd usually expend on social niceties and superficialities as frustration and a sense of defeat creep in. We'll do well here to allow ourselves to gravitate toward people who invest in our hopes, dreams and wishes.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 02-03-09

The Two of Swords asks that we move forward with an optimistic attitude despite feelings of fear or confusion. Honest, supportive friends help us make appropriate choices today and help us keep doubt at bay. Good cheer comes with some ease even though the landscape before us appears nebulous.

Energy of the Day Monday, 02-02-09

The Eight of Wands gets us out and about, largely through physical travel but also through long-distance communications. We're under an expansive, romantic energy here in which meetings bring new opportunity. It's a good day for creatively expressing our broadest, most wide-reaching philosophies.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 02-01-09

The Seven of Wands brings focus to affairs of love and finance, and to the pressure of scheduling commitments. It's a good idea to be clear on where we're going and how long it will take to get there before we make any trips today, and for personal concerns to come first. Action is called for in the areas of pleasure and creativity.