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Energy of the Day Monday, 11-02-09

The Two of Pentacles finds us struggling to communicate, especially in business, and suffering emotionally. We feel discouraged, as though our efforts are in vain, and have difficulty maintaining our schedules. Perseverance under this energy brings bounty in time.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 11-01-09

The Eight of Cups brings focus to those areas in which we've gone as far as we can, and to our desire to move on. We're ready to walk away from completed or pointless projects, relationships, and ideals and dedicate new energy where it will be most useful in nurturing our dreams. The spiritual and the material balance themselves in our favor now so long as we take care to avoid falling prey to illusion.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 10-31-09

The Eight of Wands brings expansion through movement, meetings, and long-distance communications. Romance is in the air, and new opportunities arise out of time spent away from home. Gatherings find us broadening our philosophies and teaching through self-expression.

Energy of the Day Friday, 10-30-09

The Five of Wands finds us seeking change in the realms of business and romance, and analyzing the pros and cons of our intentions. We're inwardly conflicted as suppressed desires seek to rise to the surface but reformation is found in the exercise of our personal integrity. Our best long-term return today arises from the expenditure of creative energy.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 10-29-09

The Three of Pentacles puts a focus on work, especially paperwork, and planning. Construction and practical applications of physical energy are key to making the most of today in terms of long-range career goals. Pay attention to words spoken in today's meetings and written in literature arriving by mail.

Energy of the Day Monday, 10-26-09

The Four of Wands brings a wide variety of experiences with emphasis on communication, relationships, and our desire to find enlightenment. Active participation, especially where a trip of some sort is involved, brings us noticeably closer to that which attracts us. Beauty is found today in the release of forward-thinking energy.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 10-22-09

The Strength card brings focus to challenging situations around finance, family, and the past. Results will come of picking up business projects that have been left on the back burner and applying new resolve. Persistence, effort, and spiritual fortitude are rewarded under this energy.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 10-21-09

The Ten of Wands has us focused on major change from one thing or place to another. Our approach here is practical, one of planning and then plodding execution, in bringing about a new way of thinking and doing. We're taking a step toward progress with each fresh project that takes shape in the process of our current turn.

Energy of the Day Friday, 10-16-09

The Page of Wands brings us a teacher espousing a broad-minded philosophy with a unique talent for seeing to the heart of the matter. We seek expansion through our activities and through discussion of matters of the mind and spirit, and of our life's work. Sexual attractions are strong here and foundations are laid for new beginnings.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 10-15-09

The Two of Pentacles finds us experiencing emotional tribulation as the result of difficult schedules, along with losses and discouragements in business. Our efforts seem to be in vain and words fail us, both written and spoken, but we'll do well to persevere. Work done here will reward us in the course of time with great good fortune.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 10-14-09

The King of Swords speaks of someone balanced, just, and partnership-oriented making a difference in our lives today. We seek clarity around inner and outer conflicts, especially those involving the law, and assistance from the police or another professional source is called for. Changes in behavior necessary to our making it in the world become clear.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 10-13-09

The Page of Cups speaks of the coming of a dreamer with a tendency toward illusory thinking into our presence. Meetings and discussions create expansion regarding future-oriented work-related projects. We have a yearning to discern the most available and effective means of unfolding material results from spiritual pursuits.

Energy of the Day Monday, 10-12-09

The Seven of Cups finds us searching for truth through life-altering events regarding family, friends, work, and love. Contact with the Universe comes through gut-wrenching spiritual experiences that bring feelings powerlessness and confusion. A sense of inadequacy is overcome by finding beauty in necessary destruction.

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Energy of the Day Sunday, 10-11-09

The Queen of Pentacles brings inspiration regarding our hopes and dreams in the form of a friend who supports our wishes. The ways in which we serve bring tangible financial results, verifying our compassion or lack thereof for mankind. Aid given creates profit where we avoid becoming bogged down in emotional or material concerns.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 10-10-09

The King of Pentacles brings us someone with a strong mind and a child-like temperament. Communication through art and the media brings mental expansion and contact with influential people. We're absorbed in completing old projects and beginning new ones.

Energy of the Day Friday, 10-09-09

The King of Cups brings us someone whose main concerns are home and family. Love and romance loom large in our imaginations but our more immediate concern is financial independence. We'll do well to focus on work that needs doing and can be done around and regarding the house.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 10-08-09

The Seven of Pentacles brings dissatisfaction due to a pause in progress in which we're called upon to reevaluate everything. An anxiety-inducing situation causes us to take a close look at our goals, and even our lives. Depression is best avoided by putting effort toward the things we'd like to see happen despite the apparent futility of doing so.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 10-07-09

Temperance brings around all the challenges we think we've completed and tests us to the core. Problems regarding friends, lovers, habits, desires, health, money, and business resurface wherever we need a refresher on our choices and the reasons behind them. Self-awareness gained in this process allows us to more thoroughly cement our personal philosophies and share them in a way that benefits the world at large.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 10-06-09

The King of Cups brings someone oriented toward family and the household into our sphere today. Daydreams about love and romance are infused with a focus on financial independence. Activities around and business that can be done out of the home are favored under this energy.

Energy of the Day Monday, 10-05-09

The Ten of Cups has us getting out and about, leaving worry behind, and exploring unconventional relationships. This is the end of a minor cycle and affords us an opportunity to relax and flee responsibilities we find boring or dreary for a short time. It's a day for acting on our dreams and actively defusing our illusions.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 10-04-09

The Devil brings doubt and confusion as our perceptions are clouded and problems seem to multiply. We feel caught in a negative cycle of events where nothing seems to go right and we can't see clearly. It's up to us to choose our attitudes and responses and therefore what grows out of this day.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 10-03-09

The Queen of Swords brings us an analytical sort who tends to emphasize health and service utilizing both science and electronics. Research and development bring changes in our thinking, and we seek training in areas we have not previously explored. We're called to dive deeply today into the well of our emotions, stir things up, and let them be clarified through thought.

Energy of the Day Friday, 10-02-09

The Six of Cups has us coming and going on short trips, if only for the sake of a change of environment. We engage in journeys of nostalgia as well, with friends, lovers, and relatives, exploring what's brought us here and what we want to bring forward. Work and employment figure largely in our considerations as illumination is shed upon the legacy we can expect to leave behind.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 10-01-09

The Eight of Pentacles brings assistance and backing of our ideas as we take risks regarding finances and assets, or relationships. If we've done our homework we're ready to take a significant step toward enlargement or betterment. Breakthroughs on projects, especially commission-based ones, are found with help from those closest to us.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 09-30-09

The Two of Pentacles illuminates the emotional stress brought on by difficult schedules and seemingly vain endeavors. We have trouble getting our point across verbally or in writing and find ourselves discouraged over losses in business. The effects of our choices are magnified under this energy, with great good fortune available to those who will work at making the most productive ones.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 09-29-09

Justice calls today for balance, equity, and patience as we seek to understand if and how fate affects us and the things we do. Health and legal matters, particularly to do with our income, top our lists of priorities, and we find ourselves reaching goals regarding settlements. Cause and effect are clear here if we'll take the time to look for them.

Energy of the Day Monday, 09-28-09

The Hanged Man tells of a complete upending of our affairs, bringing focus to our lives, ideals, and dreams. What has been seems obsolete and meaningless, and what we thought would be now appears hopeless. If we are able and choose to allow our emotions to come to rest here it becomes easier to discard the scum and detritus we tend to accumulate along the way, leaving us clear and refreshed moving forward.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 09-27-09

The Devil brings focus to multiplying problems and negative cycles of events in which every turn seems to be for the worse. Our perception is clouded and our vision limited as we struggle to grasp a bigger picture around our current circumstance. Today's effort becomes tomorrow's reward or consequence, depending upon the intent and attitude behind it.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 09-26-09

The Wheel of Fortune alters our course, as important, unexpected information and conflicts of interest come to light around controversial matters. Unforeseen developments and new news require that we change our plans as our eyes are opened to an idea whose time has come. At the beginning of this new cycle in our lives it's a good idea to remember that what goes around comes around.

Energy of the Day Friday, 09-25-09

The Five of Swords brings unforeseen problems, struggles, and distress brought on by defeat. We're not interested in expending energy on superficial niceties, and we find ourselves frustrated with regard to work, love, and health. Our friends and any hopes or dreams we can muster will be our best bet for finding beauty and love in our worlds under this energy.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 09-24-09

The Five of Cups brings delays and setbacks, exhaustion on every level, and depression as we're confronted with obstacles. We hope against hope the universe will bring something interesting to our realm but we're not in the mood for any extra demands. It's a day for reassessing our activities, discarding those that fail to serve and adding those that will bring future returns.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 09-23-09

The Two of Swords asks that we make decisions and move forward regardless of fear, doubt, or confusion. We'll do well under this energy to align ourselves with supportive, responsive friends in anticipation of things to come. Our judgment isn't as clear as we'd like but an intuitive approach will allow for a balanced outcome.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 09-22-09

The Hanged Man has us focused on our lives, values, and ways of thinking as we experience a reversal in our affairs. Our dreams appear to lose validity, and what we've been building seems obsolete. We're called upon to remember that feelings of hopelessness and meaninglessness pass with time as the changing of circumstances is inevitable.

Energy of the Day Monday, 09-21-09

The Queen of Pentacles brings us a community-oriented person with a knack for making everyone feel like a best friend. It's a day for refining and making known our hopes and wishes, and verifying our compassion for mankind through tangible results. Finance and profit figure largely in our ministry of service to the wider world.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 09-20-09

The Three of Swords finds us feeling disappointment due to adversity and separation. Exterior influences cause strife in personal relationships and delays in business. We'll do well today to focus on renewed efforts in restructuring and rebuilding.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 09-19-09

The Ten of Wands finds us planning, executing, and moving forward all at once in order to keep up with a major shift. We progress in the interest of new projects, plodding through and meeting practical difficulties as we go. As we take steps toward the future we'll do well to keep our eyes on the broader philosophical goal and the effort required to get there.

Energy of the Day Friday, 09-18-09

The Ten of Swords brings up any areas in and issues around which we need to clear up stagnancy. A reasonable approach will be most beneficial, especially when it comes to ourselves, our homes, and our communities, and where we must do business we'll do well to clear our heads before making a case. We're at the end of one cycle but can't begin a new one until we finish tying up our loose ends.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 09-17-09

The Magician calls upon us to follow our hearts and make real that which has been a dream. New beginnings, especially with regard to houses, property, and finance, arise through thoughtful communication and travel. It's a good day for taking the initiative in tapping into the infinite.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 09-16-09

The Strength card brings focus to challenges regarding family, finance, and spiritual fortitude. We find new approaches to things that have in the past eluded us, especially with regard to business, and we're rewarded for persistent efforts. Pleasure and creativity rule the day.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 09-15-09

The Five of Wands finds us torn, particularly regarding business and romance. Inner conflicts arise as a result of suppressed desires, and change comes through analysis of the effects of our intentions. Our sense of personal integrity brings reform as we choose to express ourselves as we truly are with the long-term rewards and consequences of doing so in mind.

Energy of the Day Monday, 09-14-09

The Seven of Wands has us seeking clarity regarding our schedules and personal commitments. We find ourselves under pressure at work and in love, struggling to get our timing right. Today's energy is fruitfully expended in travel and toward the cause of financial security.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 09-13-09

The Nine of Pentacles has us focused on business, partnerships, and advancement. It's a good day for promoting corporate enterprises, and for working toward change and revitalization. We're magnetically attracted here to areas in which we can serve the cause of health amongst our loved ones.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 09-12-09

The Seven of Wands finds us focused on affairs of love, the timing of trips, and clarity regarding finance. Pressure related to work, schedules, and personal commitments will get us moving if we don't let it stifle us. Our physical energy is directed here toward pleasure and creativity.

Energy of the Day Friday, 09-11-09

The Knight of Swords puts our focus on jump-starting business activity and seeking financial security through potential enterprises. We're more noticeable today than usual, and find ourselves faced with decisions regarding investments and partnerships as well as affairs of love. Thoughtful communication and reasoned use of technology are favored under this energy.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 09-10-09

The Knight of Wands speaks of crossroads in life in which decisions must be made concerning living quarters, business arrangements, and partnerships of all kinds. It's a day of stress and difficulty but our efforts here will bring success, particularly if we take care to keep track of important documents. We'll do well here to let our emotions and thoughts balance one another in order to avoid clouded judgments and ineffective efforts.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 09-09-09

The King of Cups brings someone who tends to focus on the household, including but not limited to the family and it's security. Financial independence matters to us here but we find ourselves also daydreaming of love and romance. We'll do well to put today's energy toward any business that can be done from or should be cleared up around the home.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 09-08-09

The Page of Swords brings us someone grounded, self-possessed, and outstanding in his or her field. Unexpected developments in personal relationships, especially love relationships, bring ideas we can use toward future growth. It's particularly important today to be sure that the messages we send are clear and accurate and that we control our own reactions regardless of what takes place around us.

Energy of the Day Monday, 09-07-09

The Fool demonstrates faith, hope, trust, contentment, and belief in the possibility of a brighter tomorrow. We hold our ideals high and find ourselves acutely - perhaps painfully - aware of the roles of choice and personal effort in the workings of our lives. Mental acuity is strong and the role of technology in our lives is enhanced under today's energy.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 09-06-09

The Lovers bring unpredictable changes and interesting experiences, especially in the realms of love and friendship. Meetings of the mind and short journeys bring a sense of refreshment as well as the opportunity for new unions. It's a good day to examine our choices and to reorganize personal property and places of residence.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 09-05-09

The Hermit finds us standing alone at a point from which we can examine the recent work of our lives and discover what's required to complete this phaseand be ready for the next. People from the past bring direction and solutions and we begin to see the potential for perfection in what is. Service in support of health is called for.

Energy of the Day Friday, 09-04-09

The Queen of Cups brings to us a person whose focus tends to be the destruction of that which is not useful in favor of what he or she prefers to bring forward. We seek results through research, especially of that which is hidden, and hope to get an idea across to someone with whom we share a magnetic attraction. Resolution of issues surrounding the home and our personal property tops our to-do list.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 09-03-09

The Three of Wands brings victories we weren't looking for, especially regarding companies and partnerships. Our faith is tested through evocative situations and we're asked to check our theories against the documented facts at hand. Unions formed and business ventures pursued here carry strong promise.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 09-02-09

The Ace of Cups puts the focus on inspiration and satisfaction, what's left of the end bringing illumination to the beginning. New ideas, fresh starts, creativity, and pleasure rule the day. Love is abundant under this energy, and we find comfort in our emotions.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 09-01-09

The Devil clouds our perception and leaves us unable to clearly see the picture before us. We feel stuck in a cycle of adversity in which problems appear to multiply and things fail to go the way we think they should. There is no way out but through, so our best bet here is to keep moving forward to the best of our ability and keep in mind that every choice carries it's own inevitable reward and/or consequence.

Energy of the Day Monday, 08-31-09

The Hermit has us seeking solutions and finding perfection in completion. We enter the final stage of our current cycle and begin to see the makings of the next. People from the past reemerge today, and our focus is on health and on service to others.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 08-30-09

The Ten of Cups has us getting away from home, leaving behind responsibility, and taking the day to relax. Unconventional relationships are underscored, and any bounty our recent cycle has been meant to bring forth comes to fruition. It's a day for taking action on our beliefs.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 08-29-09

The Moon sheds shifting, tenuous light on feelings of inner disquiet or foreboding. The way before us seems uncertain, especially regarding whatever's most important to us at this time. We'll do well here to drift a bit with our dreams if we're able to avoid falling prey to illusions.

Energy of the Day Friday, 08-21-09

The Emperor highlights solid construction and the formation of new foundations. Someone or -thing comes into our lives that changes the status quo, bringing new partnerships and even new lifestyles. Opportunities arise to express our most basic selves in ways we hadn't previously been able or wanted to.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 08-20-09

The Three of Pentacles has us focused on papers such as mail and literature, and on work activities. Words used at planning meetings will be best addressed toward construction and the practical application of resources. Career goals are advanced through our actions, especially those taken with an eye toward future reward.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 08-19-09

The Page of Wands tells of contact with a person whose mind is philosophical in a broad, world-oriented way and from whom we tend to learn. We're interested in both discussing and acting on all things philosophical, spiritual, and work-related, with the intention to expand through new beginnings. Sexual attractions are strong under this energy.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 08-18-09

The Six of Swords highlights opinions, especially those of professionals, and asks us to evaluate the obstacles and problems they create. Career goals and working relationships top our priority lists, and we find unique uses for technological devices. It's a good day for expressing ourselves to our friends with regard to our hopes, dreams, and wishes.

Energy of the Day Monday, 08-17-09

The Four of Wands brings a myriad of experiences, especially involving relationships, communication, and travel. Participation in life is key today in order for us to gain the awareness we seek. Beauty and magnetic attractions guide us through this day.

Hillbilly Havoc

Energy of the Day Sunday, 08-16-09

The Two of Pentacles indicates difficulty in our schedules which creates emotional tribulation. It feels as though our work is in vain, and we have a hard time getting our points across through words, written or spoken. Discouragement creeps in as we experience loss in our occupation.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 08-15-09

The Page of Pentacles speaks of an encounter with a hard-working, forward-thinking, level-headed sort. Employment, and scholarly and romantic pursuits are on our minds, and we're willing under this energy to put in the mental effort needed to apply our ideals in a practical way. We can expect our work here to be rewarded, or to bear consequences depending upon what type of work we choose to do.

Energy of the Day Friday, 08-14-09

The King of Swords brings us someone who tends to carry a balanced, just perspective, particularly when it comes to partnerships. We seek clarity, especially around legal matters, and where we can obtain professional assistance we'll do well to do so. Today's energy compels us to modify our behavior as we process internal and external conflicts.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 08-13-09

The Eight of Swords heralds a day of withdrawal and restriction, perhaps to our benefit as the way here is fraught with danger. Accidents befall us and health problems flare up, creating hardship and a feeling of imprisonment. We'll do well here, when we feel oppressed and deadlocked, to express ourselves clearly, carefully, and from a detached and philosophical, if passionate, perspective.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 08-12-09

The Three of Wands asks us to check our theories and beliefs against the situations in which we find ourselves and decide where faith is justified and where it may be a mistake. Business ventures large and small and unions formed today hold promise. Contracts or documents bring unexpected wins.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 08-11-09

Death brings endings and new beginnings in career, partnerships, and even our lifestyles. The status quo is upended as we examine from every side what it is we're likely to bring forward should we continue in our current vein. What's worth keeping is clear here, as are those things we'll do well to discard.

Energy of the Day Monday, 08-10-09

The King of Pentacles brings us someone who reminds us what it is to be a child while maintaining a mindful approach to the world. Communication and expansion through art and the media put us into contact with people in authority or who carry influence. Mental energy is best expended finishing up old projects and starting new ones here.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 08-09-09

The Eight of Pentacles indicates a friend or relative assisting with an idea or project that carries risks but also rewards. Finance and assets top our priority lists along with the enlargement of some portion of our worlds through employment (particularly commissioned work) and/or romance. Betterment comes through analysis of issues of health and service.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 08-08-09

The Queen of Wands brings to us someone who is warm, uplifting, and a natural leader. We find ourselves focused on new paths, family matters, and spiritual pursuits, with affairs of love and personal fulfillment high on the list. The metaphysical holds our attention and getting together with those closest to us is a great way to facilitate growth.

Energy of the Day Friday, 08-07-09

The Hermit brings people from the past back into our lives as we move from one phase into the next. We have reached a pinnacle from which we can see both problems and solutions more clearly as we seek to fit them together. Perfection and completion go hand in hand, but finishing a thing doesn't always mean we're done with it.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 08-06-09

The Fool brings us faith, hope, trust, and contentment. Our ideals are high, and we believe that tomorrow can be better than today. An intellectual understanding of the workings of the Universe and the roles of choice and personal effort infuse the air as we go about today's affairs.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 08-05-09

The Empress asks us to stop and listen, to our own inner voice and to what those around us are saying, before we speak. Self-expression is important here but will be best done passively through intuitive socializing rather than actively, although we are likely to travel. We'll do well to allow ourselves to form heartfelt emotional connections under this energy.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 08-04-09

The Queen of Swords brings to us an analytical sort with a strong interest in health and service to others. Research and development as well as training in new areas top our to-do lists here, and we're able to think deeply in innovative ways about changes that need making. We'll do well to put science and electronics to good use under this energy.

Energy of the Day Monday, 08-03-09

The Seven of Swords finds us working at things without making a lot of progress as we're faced with instability and uncertain conditions. Introspection rules the day, along with analysis of our priorities around family members, partners,health, and how those things relate to our own well-being. We seek perfection and the fulfillment of our hopes and dreams with regard to the wider world.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 08-02-09

The Queen of Cups brings us into contact with someone whose presence tends to be transformative, and who looks to the future in terms of the legacy one's choices will leave. We're drawn toward research on hidden subjects and toward working at getting an idea across to others where doing so is likely to bring some form of resolution. The home and personal property as well as romance with someone to whom we're magnetically attracted hold our emotional focus under this energy.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 08-01-09

The King of Pentacles brings us a traveler of childlike temperament with good communication skills and a knack for technology. Self-expression is at the top of the list today, especially through art and the media. Contact with powerful, influential people gives us a push toward expansion in which we finish up old projects and start new ones.

Energy of the Day Friday, 07-31-09

The Seven of Pentacles finds us depressed and anxious as forward progress is paused. We reevaluate our goals and our lives and examine the situations in which we find ourselves that cause us dissatisfaction. Work is required here, but our efforts will grow to a cornucopia of reward.

Hard-Working Man

Energy of the Day Thursday, 07-30-09

The Three of Wands brings tests of faith and unexpected wins. We'll do well to check theories and beliefs against documentation and, where we're positively motivated, to enter into business contracts. Partnerships and business ventures are favored here.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 07-29-09

The Ten of Swords requires that we clear up unfinished business and stagnant conditions. We'll do well here to make any course corrections we can anticipate needing and to discard anything we can't use. Our whole lives are subject to our own scrutiny and it's a good time for the ruthless weeding-out of detritus we all need to do from time to time.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 07-28-09

The Page of Wands brings us into contact with a person of philosophical bent with a broad world-view and a teaching demeanor. We're taking inventory of ourselves and our lives, looking for a way to expand the boundaries of our respective worlds. Discussion of ideas related to work, philosophy, and spirituality brings new beginnings, and where sexual attraction is found it's pull is strong today.

Energy of the Day Monday, 07-27-09

The Five of Pentacles brings self-doubt, confusion, misfortune, and loss. We are upset or feel pressured by something or someone outside ourselves, and love, business, and marriage suffer due to unfortunate circumstances. It's a good day for expressing our feelings about what we have and our expectations of what we will have.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 07-26-09

The Nine of Swords puts a focus on deprivation and suffering for the sake of our causes and ideals. We feel blocked just as we felt we'd be moving forward and find ourselves worried over the future. It makes us anxious that it feels like what we put out of ourselves is bringing discord back our way.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 07-25-09

The Tower crumbles under the weight of lost faith as we experience devastating and unexpected events and conditions. Financial and business problems arise as well as conflicts that bring separation and even the potential for divorce. We find ourselves faced with bizarre encounters that call for drastic measures.

Energy of the Day Friday, 07-24-09

The Ten of Swords has us focused on unfinished business and clearing up what has become stagnant in our lives and environments. Home, family, business, and community top our priority lists and self-expression is supported under this energy. Technology and day-to-day travel figure largely in our choices and results today.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 07-23-09

The Ace of Wands puts the focus on potential, what could be and what will be, as well as an increase in business and social activities. We're surprised to see new avenues of fulfillment open before us under this energy, arising as if out of nowhere. Every thought and action takes shape in the real world today, but that shape will be largely unpredictable and uncontrollable beyond our own attitude and intent in creating it.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 07-22-09

The King of Cups brings us into contact with someone who tends to emphasize family matters. Daydreams of love and romance infuse the air, but what really matters to us is security and financial independence. We'll do well to focus on what needs to be done around the house and what we can do from home to ensure the future well-being of ourselves and those for whom we are responsible.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 07-21-09

The Four of Pentacles finds us focused on work, efficiency, and a safe space. Success and financial security are our highest priorities and we understand that it's our effort that will get us to where we'd like to be. Waste not, want not is today's most appropriate mantra.

Energy of the Day Monday, 07-20-09

The Magician brings new beginnings and desires made manifest. Houses, property, and finance are high priorities, as are the urgings of love. This is a good day for expressing ourselves with an eye toward future development.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 07-19-09

The Knight of Pentacles has us thinking and feeling our way toward life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. There is a focus on travel, promotion, and property investment, but it's secondary to our desire for fulfillment and satisfaction. We are brought to the surface to breathe fully and deeply through all our senses.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 07-18-09

The Page of Cups blesses us with the presence of a believer, someone who's been around the block a few times but still carries the wisdom of youth in his or her heart and mind. Our worlds unfold and expand under this energy, and we can see clearly what it is we desire. Meetings are held and discussions are had regarding future-oriented work-related projects.

Energy of the Day Friday, 07-17-09

The Ace of Pentacles has us continuing what we've started but in a new vein. We look forward to pleasure and prosperity through wise investment of time and money, and satisfaction in potential partnerships. New growth arises where we've recently pruned.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 07-16-09

The Ten of Wands finds us finishing things up so we're able to move forward in a new direction. Planning and execution are at the top of our priority list, and doing what must be done as we move toward progress. Hard work is called for here and a mindset toward broad philosophies, but we can expect our labor to be rewarded.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 07-15-09

The Wheel of Fortune brings us around to a new beginning in which the unexpected alters our course. We gather important information today regarding controversial matters and conflicts of interest, and an idea we've been tossing around begins to make sense. We find bounty in what has been and look to expand upon it as we move into what will be.

Energy of the Day Friday, 07-10-09

The Three of Wands brings tests of faith but also unexpected wins. It's a day meant for checking theories and beliefs and looking into promising unions or ventures to be pursued with companies large or small. Contracts and documents play a large part in today's self-realization and -expansion.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 07-09-09

The Six of Pentacles has us focused on health decisions and investment potentials. We're at a point of balance at which what has been built needs to be culled for what's valuable, the rest recycled. We see real promise in enterprises and career opportunities offering a chance for solvency and gratification.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 07-08-09

The Queen of Swords brings to bear an analytical, service-oriented sort with a focus toward health. Electronic R&D and scientific investigation bring the desire to get into a new area, and deep thought brings change. We seek instruction and training where reason supports our intuitive draw toward an interest.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 07-07-09

The Knight of Wands finds us at a crossroad with regard to where we live, what we do, how we do it, and with whom. There are choices to be made, and it's important that we get and keep our important documentation in order. It won't be an easy path, but we will see a positive outcome.

Energy of the Day Monday, 07-06-09

The Four of Cups finds us focused on the material and our physical well-being. Mortality and spiritual obsessions inform our desires and abilities, as well as the ways in which we choose to apply our energy. We find our purpose by exploring what it is we want.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 07-05-09

The Star tells us that today is all about faith. The future holds infinite opportunity and it's our job to focus on possibilities we'd like to see made manifest. Expressing our hopes, dreams, and wishes to our friends helps us to sort through the myriad of options available here.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 07-04-09

The Knight of Swords has us focused on financial security, rising in status, and decisions of investment and partnership. Affairs of love require that we make thoughtful choices, and it's a good day to pursue any enterprises of which we've considered being a part. Mental acuity is strong and communication is favored under this energy.

Energy of the Day Friday, 07-03-09

The Page of Wands brings to bear on our activities and discussions a philosophically broad-minded individual with a teaching temperament. We want to learn and grow, which leads us to take inventory of our work- and spirit-related ideas and analyze our sexual attractions. New beginnings are in order here as we make spirit manifest in our physical worlds.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 07-02-09

The Ten of Pentacles finds us focused on domestic matters, including our friends, community, and working environment. Daily living costs are at the forefront, particularly where they're related to our home and family. We'll want to finish this minor cycle being of service by being ourselves.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 07-01-09

The Ace of Cups sheds light on new ideas, love, and creative endeavors. We're inspired to make a fresh start, with pleasure and satisfaction as our goals. Our best guide under this energy is our own inner voice.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 06-30-09

The Five of Pentacles brings self-doubt, suffering, and external pressure. Difficulty in dealing with others creates a sense of loss and misfortune in love, business, and marriage. It's worth the trouble of expressing ourselves here to the best of our ability as long as we keep in mind the long-term products of our words.

Energy of the Day Monday, 06-29-09

The Chariot brings us to a place of confusion and asking conflicting questions of ourselves. An examination of our affairs makes apparent the necessity of making choices regarding the things about which we're passionate. Introspection and reevaluation of the issues allow us to find paths toward the security of our homes and families.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 06-28-09

The Eight of Cups sheds light on projects, relationships, and ideals that have run their course. We want to move on and do something new, and our dreams call us to take practical steps toward making them a reality. Given the long-term ramifications of today's choices we'll do well to steer clear of illusory thinking.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 06-27-09

The Five of Pentacles brings misfortune, confusion, and external pressure, especially in love, business, and marriage. Self-doubt arises as we find ourselves challenged in trying to deal with others and with losses brought about through unfortunate circumstances. The language we use with those who upset us now determines the flavor of what grows out of today's encounters.