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Energy of the Day Saturday, 12-06-08

The Four of Pentacles urges us toward success and security, with conservation and practical use of energy at the foundation of our choices today. We'll do well to work hard and focus on finances here, as well as our personal 'safe' space. Once again, expect long-term results from short-term effort.

Energy of the Day Friday, 12-05-08

The Page of Wands turns our minds toward that person we know or are about to meet who's eternally optimistic, always teaching, and who tends to see the big picture while exposing the heart of the matter. Spiritual analysis and an inventory of work-related ideas and activities expand our philosophical outlook bringing a sense of renewal, and a sexual attraction stokes the fires of our being. How we use what we have and receive on a material plane today will be directly reflected in our energetic effect on the wider world.

ABC News: Tranquilizer Detox Withdrawal Can Last Years

ABC News: Tranquilizer Detox Withdrawal Can Last Years

They killed their neighbors: genocide's foot soldiers -

They killed their neighbors: genocide's foot soldiers -

Energy of the Day Thursday, 12-04-08

The Three of Swords directs us to focus on relationships, delays in business, and what's influencing us externally, particularly where any of those things are creating stress. Separations bring disappointment and adversity and we'll do well to look at this tearing down as an opportunity to rebuild and renew. Appropriate action here helps bring us to balance in areas where we need it as we move forward.










Energy of the Day Wednesday, 12-03-08

The Seven of Pentacles brings a complete reevaluation not only of our goals, but our lives. We feel anxious or dissatisfied over a seeming pause in progress and may even fall into depression if we don't relax into patient awareness that all is as it must be. Our work here is bound to bear fruit in time, and the type, quality, and quantity of that fruit depends upon the seeds we plant and the care we give them as they grow.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 12-02-08

The Knight of Wands finds us at crossroads, particularly with regard to business and living arrangements, partnerships, and love. Keeping important documents in order will reduce the inherent difficulty in today's choices and help us make the correct ones. Too much or too little thought saps our energy here, but if we put just the right amount of consideration into things we'll find success comes down the line.

Energy of the Day Monday, 12-01-08

Temperance brings tests in the areas of friendship, love, habits, health, money, business, and anything else we think we have mastered. It's a day to both experience emotionally and observe objectively, to gain strength and wisdom from the realization of how far forward we've come. Optimism is imperative here, as is expression of the truth as we see it.

Wind Farms Could Change Weather | LiveScience

Wind Farms Could Change Weather LiveScience