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Energy of the Day Saturday, 03-21-09

The Lovers bring change and unpredictability, and opportunities for reorganization with the home and our personal property at the top of the list. Meetings and unions, particularly between friends and loved ones, offer refreshment for the spirit and assist us in making right choices. Travel and interesting experiences are favored under this energy.

Tent city becomes home in tough times -

Tent city becomes home in tough times -

Energy of the Day Friday, 03-20-09

Justice asks us to focus on reaching settlements, and on the impact of destiny in our lives. Health, time management, legalities, and income top our priority list here, with the goal being balance amongst the many factors of life. We seek to understand matters of cause and effect.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 03-19-09

The Moon brings light to our internal world, illuminating that which disturbs us or brings a sense of foreboding. We find ourselves perplexed and unable to see clearly in the areas that matter most to us at the moment. This is an opportunity to separate dreams from illusions by focusing on the goal and letting what does not serve to move us toward it fall away rather than trying to pick and choose amongst what is immediately before us thinking we know what will take us where we want to be.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 03-18-09

The King of Cups indicates contact with a person carrying an idealistic view of family, with an interesting angle to their world view. Our focus is on the home and any business we can or need to do within and from it, as well as financial independence. Our daydreams are infused with love and romance.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 03-17-09

The Nine of Pentacles has us focused on business, advancement, and working toward change. Promotion of partnerships and corporate enterprises leads to revitalization of existing conditions. Attention to our health and service to the causes to which we are most magnetically attracted are the most favored routes today to increased personal well-being.

Energy of the Day Monday, 03-16-09

The Five of Wands brings up our internal conflicts where they arise from suppressed desires. We find ourselves weighing choices of intention or integrity in light of cost and benefit factors. Thoughtful, considered change brings reformation here.