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Energy of the Day Sunday, 03-01-09

The Four of Swords gets us moving, especially in directions involving printed materials and money matters. Social affairs afford opportunities to promote and (re)invigorate our own businesses, and we find ourselves engaging in activity wherever possible. Great good fortune is available here as a result of balanced, fair choices.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 02-28-09

The Chariot turns our focus inward and asks us to question ourselves on confusing issues. As we reexamine our affairs we're torn between choices, especially decisions of passion and security. Today's energy is about examining options more than finalizing plans.

Energy of the Day Friday, 02-27-09

The King of Cups asks us to seek out the person who feels most like family and puts our focus squarely on the home and it's business, particularly where that business contributes to our household's financial security. Daydreams of love and romance infuse this energy, both energizing and assuaging our spirits. We're likely to find our cups boiling over with joy.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 02-26-09

The King of Swords brings us into contact with a person who tends to be balanced, charming, and fair. We're focused on getting ahead in the world despite conflicts both internal and external, and legal or professional matters take center stage. Clarity regarding the effects of our choices causes us to work at changing our behavior.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 02-25-09

The Ace of Cups puts us in mind of love, creativity, and new ideas. Inspiration arises out of the flow of our emotions, and we find satisfaction in fresh starts. Enlightenment is pleasurable under today's energy.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 02-24-09

The Ace of Cups has us focused on fresh starts, new ideas, and creative illumination. Love, pleasure, and satisfaction top our list of priorities today, and we're inspired by a wave of emotional, intuitive energy. We'll do well here to go within and listen to the still, small voice of spirit.

Energy of the Day Monday, 02-23-09

The Empress brings us within once more, to passive rather than active being. It's a day for keeping in touch with our emotions and intuition, and for expressing ourselves through social venues. Travel is favored and where we're able to make connections we'll do well to take the universe up on the opportunity.