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Energy of the Day Sunday, 11-30-08

The Two of Swords indicates a need to move forward despite any doubt or confusion, relying heavily on insight from those who support us. Decisions must be made and in order to make the best possible choices we must use intuition to guide us where we're unable to see clearly or when what we see confuses us. We'll be best-served by staying in touch with our most responsive friends.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 11-29-08

The Four of Pentacles puts our focus on conservation and security, work and our safe spaces. We're heavily invested in making every effort count and using all of what we have. What is expressed here comes to fruition in good time.

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Energy of the Day Friday, 11-28-08

Justice rules the day, bringing us to rest and guiding us to find balance, particularly in the areas of health, time, money, and legal matters. The question here is how much of what we experience is cause and effect and how much is fate? If we can rest secure in the knowledge that each plays it's part we ought to find peace under this energy.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 11-27-08

The Page of Swords asks us to seek contact with someone cool and down-to-earth who's known for their steadfast nature. Future growth is encouraged through workable ideas and controlled reactions, and personal relationships see unexpected developments. It's a good day to be on the move but we'll want to be sure and take in any messages we come across in the process.










Energy of the Day Wednesday, 11-26-08

The Queen of Pentacles directs us to seek out a friend who understands our hopes, wishes, and dreams, and puts us in a mindset of seeking the greater good. We're filled with compassion for mankind under this energy but also mindful of finances. We seek and are asked to produce tangible, verifiable results.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 11-25-08

The Six of Wands tells us yesterday's anxiety continues as things fall apart or fail to come together to our liking. We feel intolerably restricted by time and circumstance and it will be helpful to keep in mind that this is the feeling just before birth, or just before a seed sprouts or an egg hatches, the feeling of life prepared to either burst forth into abundance or wither and die upon exposure to the elements. Our focus matters, and it is entirely our choice what we bring forward through this transition into a new world.

Energy of the Day Monday, 11-24-08

The Seven of Pentacles brings a reevaluation of our life's work and choices regarding the future. Feeling like we're unable to move forward causes dissatisfaction and even depression unless we're able to manage our anxiety through the current pause. What grows from today's fallow time will be well worth the wait.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 11-23-08

The Page of Pentacles has us seeking out that individual in our lives with a penchant for doing today what's necessary for tomorrow. Work and school are favored under this energy and our endeavors are best directed toward building material foundations. We'll see results down the line from practical efforts made here.