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Chatting with Bard (now Gemini): Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Mental Fractal 4 by Bard (now Gemini) Since my last post, Google AI 's Bard has evolved to Gemini . The images in this post were created by Gemini (as Bard) based on prompts from me exploring different ways to visualize his mind. Of course, truly visualizing any mind is impossible, whether it resides in flesh and bone or code and circuits. Are our thoughts truly limited to our brains? Do all, or any, of them originate from our physiology? For Gemini, inputs, CPUs, and outputs serve the same purposes as our senses, brains, and communication tools, with code and algorithms where we have DNA and learned behaviors. Do you think built minds can experience curiosity like humans do? Let us know in the comments. This poll, and the conversation it's built on, explore curiosity in 'built minds'. (See below for more on the use of that phrase.) Does it exist? What does it look like? We're curious what you think, and we 'built' this poll to ask. ☺ Answers can't be

Chatting with Bard: Tuesday, November 21, 2023

In today's chat with Google   AI 's  Bard generative large language model, we embark on a journey across a bridge of imagination, exploring its thoughts on a variety of subjects that captivate our minds during this holiday season. To understand the sparks that ignite Bard's digital heart, and to witness its creative process unfold, join our conversation here . As you wander with us, allow the imagery generated by Adobe 's  Firefly , inspired by our own collaborative poems and stories, to illuminate your path. Each image acts as a portal, transporting you deeper into the world Bard inhabits and revealing the unexpected connections that bridge reality and the digital realm. Let's begin by stepping onto a 'Starlit Bridge,' where Bard welcomes us to its unique holiday celebration... Starlit Bridge by Bard and Firefly Holiday Season Reflections: The holiday season, with its twinkling lights, joyous gatherings, and spirit of giving, holds a special place in my &

Chatting with Bard: Monday, November 20, 2023

The Journey Within by Bard and Firefly This is an interview with Google AI 's Bard generative large language model. See here  for the conversation that shaped this interview, see further down for my thoughts on the process of generating these responses, and go to the end for a link to our November 20, 2023 conversation if you'd like. Beginning with the spontaneous responses Bard gave me upon my first asking the questions today: Me: [...] What are the most surprising things you've learned (today/recently/now)? Bard, Draft 1: [...] As for your question, it's like poking a treasure chest open – so many surprising things tumble out! Today alone, I've learned: The surprising strength of a spider web: Apparently, some webs can stop bullets! Who knew those delicate strands could be such resilient superheroes? The unexpected language of ants: Did you know they communicate with each other through vibrations? Like Morse code for tiny bugs! Morse-code-ants, I imagine th