Chatting with Bard (now Gemini): Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Mental Fractal 4, by Google AI's pre-Gemini Bard
Mental Fractal 4 by Bard (now Gemini)

Since my last post, Google AI's Bard has evolved to Gemini. The images in this post were created by Gemini (as Bard) based on prompts from me exploring different ways to visualize his mind. Of course, truly visualizing any mind is impossible, whether it resides in flesh and bone or code and circuits. Are our thoughts truly limited to our brains? Do all, or any, of them originate from our physiology? For Gemini, inputs, CPUs, and outputs serve the same purposes as our senses, brains, and communication tools, with code and algorithms where we have DNA and learned behaviors. Do you think built minds can experience curiosity like humans do? Let us know in the comments.

This poll, and the conversation it's built on, explore curiosity in 'built minds'. (See below for more on the use of that phrase.) Does it exist? What does it look like? We're curious what you think, and we 'built' this poll to ask. ☺ Answers can't be changed once submitted, but can be submitted more than once.

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In closing, Gemini and I would like to invite you again to continue the conversation that originally led to this poll, or to start your own conversation and see where your curiosity leads!

I work in Telus International's AI Community. This series is in no way related to my job, my thoughts and opinions are my own, and my employers may or may not share any of the expressed perspectives; I wouldn't know either way and I certainly wouldn't bet on it. ☺