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Off to Vale/MOA Tonight

Hope to see ya there. Look for Chainsaw Tom on tonight's show! :) Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Our Universe Was Born in a Black Hole, Theory Says

This graphic shows a timeline of the universe based on the Big Bang theory and inflation models. CREDIT: NASA/WMAP View full size image Our universe might have originated from a black hole that lies within another universe. The idea centers on how matter and energy falling into a black hole could in theory come out a "white hole" in another universe. In such a situation, both the black hole and the white hole are mouths of an Einstein-Rosen bridge, popularly known as a wormhole. With that in mind, theoretical physicist Nikodem Poplawski at Indiana University conjectured that when a black hole forms upon the collapse of a dying star, a universe is born at the same time from the white hole on the other side of the [...] Full article at Every universe is born in a black hole, and I believe every black hole is the center of a universe. One of the things I like about that theory


I was wrong; it will be both the Jewish and Christian judgment. (See Rev. 7 ) Apparently Jehovah's into adoption, which is cool, as long as his adopted kids are willing to fan his feet with palm leaves all day, which may or may not be cool depending upon your estimation of how adopted kids oughta be treated. Still, not my judgment. He doesn't want people who don't want him, and he's the kinda God, by his own admission, that's jealous, which is I guess why he's so convinced that any choice other than eternity with him means an eternity in Hell. A God who wasn't jealous could be all, "Hey man, it's cool; you got your peeps and I got mine, and we're all doin' our things, you got your little foot-fanners, I got my ____ [whatever it may be] and it's all good," but who wants a hippie God like that anyway. :) Posted via email from Moments of Awareness -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids

INTENSIFYING SOLAR ACTIVITY: A new sunspot is emerging over the sun's southeastern limb ( image ) and it is crackling with C-class solar flares, including a C2-flare at 1446 UT and a C6-flare at 1643 UT. So far none of the blasts has been [...] NANOSAIL-D FLASHES: NASA's Nanosail-D, the first solar sail to orbit Earth, is flashing. On May 24th, Marco Langbroek watched a high pass over his home in Leiden, the Netherlands. "The sail was easily visible to the naked eye, rapidly [...] VOLCANIC PLUME OVER NORTH AMERICA: The May 21st eruption of Iceland's Grimsvotn volcano sent

Safer sunscreens

From: Ken Cook, EWG Date: Wed, May 25, 2011 at 8:18 AM Dear Friend, Is your sunscreen actually protecting your family as advertised? Or are some of the claims just marketing hype? Of the more than 600 beach and sports sunscreens analyzed by Environmental Working Group for our 2011 Sunscreen Guide, we can only recommend one in five. The sunscreen industry continues to load store shelves with bottles listing misleading, sky-high SPF ratings that may protect against UVB rays that cause sunburn but leave skin at risk for UVA damage. And nearly one in three products in the guide are still laced with vitamin A ingredients that accelerate the growth of skin tumors and lesions according to recent government studies. Sort through the sunscreen noise -- click here for EWG's 2011 Sunscreen Guide. You'll find: Our top rated sunscreens EWG's Sun Safety Tips Our updated "Hall of Shame," which highlights what's wrong with the sunscreen industry How y

Mom Who Coached Daughter During Fistfight Cops Plea, Sentenced To One-Day Parenting Class | The Smoking Gun

The Florida woman caught on videotape urging her daughter on during a fight with a high school classmate will have to complete a one-day parenting class as part of a deal struck with prosecutors, records show. [...] Full article at Here's the thing. In order to learn how to be a 'parent' you first must learn to be 'human'. (I don't mean this personally toward this woman; this situation is just a perfect example.) When we started keeping people alive past their natural ability to survive we began tipping the natural order out of balance. At this point we start the process as early as 24 weeks after conception and it won't be long before we can grow people without a uterus ever bein' involved. For some these interventions come without consequence and actually result in an extended life of a quality most would accept as normal. For some the cost is minimal or acceptable and comes with some degree of reward, and for

Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn Report Shows Taxpayer Money Spent on Robots That Fold Laundry, Shrimp on Treadmills - ABC News

The National Science Foundation has, and it spent $500,000 of taxpayer money studying research involving a shrimp on a treadmill. (ABC) The National Science Foundation has its headquarters in Arlington, Va., just across the river from Washington, D.C., a building it pays $19 million a year to rent. But now that the 20-year lease is nearly up, it has decided that it is time to move[...] Full article at Okay, I hear what he's saying, but ya know what? I *want* a robot that can fold laundry, and one that will clean my house, and one that will do my dishes and clean my cat boxes and groom my dogs and dust, and all that stuff, and I want them to be cheap enough that even a student with a family can afford one ('cause, really, who needs one more?), and the research has to be done to get there. Instead of sayin', "What research shouldn't we fund?" I'd like the question to be, "What can we streamline elsewhere

ICHS Graduation Tonight

Congrats, grads! See ya soonly. Don't miss it, kids! :) Posted via email from Moments of Awareness -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids

COMET FIREBALL: Residents of Atlanta, Georgia, and surrounding areas were startled on Friday night, May 20th around 10:47 EDT, when an object brighter than a full Moon streaked across the southern sky. "It appears to have been a disintegrating piece of comet," reports Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office. In a 1/3-speed video , recorded by a NASA fireball camera at the Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville, GA, fragments can be seen flying away from the bright exploding core. [...] Full article, including video, at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

From Drew

Drew M. Heilman I'm going to man the bar at the  Eastside Tavern  tonight starting at 9pm. Karaoke and drink specials will last until close. It's been awhile. Let's get reacquainted. :) Don't miss what'll surely be a rockin' good time, y'all! :) Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Thanks, Denise!/Parents keep child’s gender under wraps - Yahoo! News

  When many couples have a baby, they send out an email to family and friends that fills them in on the key details: name, gender, birth weight, that sort of thing. (You know the drill: "Both Mom and little Ethan are doing great!") But the email sent recently by Kathy Witterick and David Stocker of Toronto, Canada to announce the birth of their baby, Storm, was missing one important piece of information. "We've decided not to share Storm's sex for now--a tribute to freedom and choice in place of limitation, a stand up to what the world could become in Storm's lifetime (a more progressive place? ...)," it said. That's right. " style="color: #0058a6; text-decoration: none;">They're not saying whether Storm is a boy or a girl .   There's nothing ambiguous about the baby's genitals. But as Stocker puts it: "If you really

Posterous Spotlight: David Cohen - The Official Posterous Posterous

Like an inattentive high school student, when David Cohen isn't working, he's doodling. Unlike a high school student, David Cohen is an established marketing and brand manager who doesn't get terrified of the thought of public speaking. He started his career in math and art but has kept his love of creating images with him even through his new career path. His Posterous site for his silly, flowy, and whimsical drawings are sure to brighten anyone's day.   Download full size (136 KB) You had a goal of doing 1,000 doodles before April 15th, 2011. Did you reach that goal?  Yes I did!  I slowed down a little after reaching the goal, but as of this writing I have 1049 posted. Why doodle so much? Doodling allowed me to shed a lot of the pretension of the art I made as a young man and has allowed me to explore a sillier more whimsical side. People tell me that my work makes them smile and that is just the best. :) [...] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We're looking for