Thursday, December 23, 2021

Women's Work

Had some time to think on this, and we've come to some conclusions that suit us. Maybe you'll find them to be of interest also.

Yes, we mean you.

Labor and occupations of the sort often defined -- for convenience or spite, depending upon your perspectives of women and work -- as best assigned to the feminine gender, are those which require flexibility of schedule and physique, while roles requiring more rigidity are those our current US society and many others traditionally assign to men. And therein lies the rub.

If you've been paying attention, we've never believed that one's physique is necessarily in any way tied to one's polar energies, but it's become convenient over time to use 'feminine' and 'women's' interchangeably (as well as 'masculine' and 'men's'), which is problematic in any human civilization. The feminine energy is simply that in any of us which is able to bend to accommodate, is always on the lookout for and ready to gather resources when they appear, which internalizes and gestates until giving birth is the only option. It's a black hole, to be sure, but again if you've been paying attention on that front, you know that black holes are the engines of the universe and emit the most powerful known, measurable energies herein.

We're finally (re-)learning to differentiate between the 'feminine' and the 'womb-(hu)man' and the 'masculine' and the 'man'. If we keep it up, we might find that it's not so heinous to let people do the jobs they're interested in and/or good at, and not be so worried about what bits are or are not where or whether we agree with someone else's perception of what's right for us.

That is all.
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