Thursday, February 04, 2016


The feminine is called upon to submit because in submission is the ultimate power; the power of the universe is unleashed only when it is allowed.

The masculine has its own power - equal and opposite - in harnessing the energy released in that moment of surrender and channeling it into infinite possible outcomes.

At the heart of the reaction between the two is a moment in which each is perfectly balanced with the other - submission and control - and in that moment these energies know one another intimately, the male and female, the positive and negative respectively, creation and destruction, matter and energy, and on and on ad infinitum across every duality in (or outside of) existence.

And a universe is born, and everything in it consists of some combination of the two, generally to fluctuating degrees. Matter is reduced to elements by energy and rebuilt again using different forms of energy into any number of things until the energy of that initial reaction is exhausted and all the matter is just a speck again.

Maybe it will do it all over again someday, although never in exactly the same way of course, or maybe that was it, that speck will be absorbed into the multiverse, become part of another universe, never in all eternity to be specifically manifest as its own being again. It matters not; it's had its experience. It was what it was, will be what it will be, and (sorry, Ken!) it is what it is.

The parts of you that are masculine are the creators of your universe, while those areas in which your feminine traits reside are its power sources. The art of seeking balance is also known as 'life', and that balance only truly exists in rarified moments. We can however learn to hold on to those moments and carry those feelings with us - at least for a time - thus as we go along shifting our attitudes in directions we find desirable.
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